Best European Music Festivals 2022

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The world has finally started to open up again, and international travel seems a little easier as some countries go beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s undeniably great to see live music making a comeback, and of course, that means the triumphant return of many summer festivals, too.

We’ve already compiled our comprehensive guide to the best summer festivals in the UK that still have tickets – many festivals renewed their tickets from previous years when events were halted due to Covid, so there’s plenty more hard to get passes for some than for others.

But if you’re struggling to get tickets here in Britain, or fancy packing your holiday and festival plans into one big sunny (and mud-free) adventure, then we’ve rounded up some of the best options. for European festivals. and the music.

Although Glastonbury Festival is sold out and the undisputed ancestor of the UK festival scene, there’s plenty to get excited about further, so this list focuses on festivals outside the Great Britain. -Brittany.

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For starters, there’s the double weekend, Primavera Sound in Barcelona, ​​which offers its own fringe festival with additional gigs across the city, then there are additional dates in Porto, and even versions around the world. in LA, Buenos Aires, Santiago De Chile and Sao Paulo.

Other highlights include Exit Festival, which takes place in the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad in Serbia, and Sziget in Budapest, which Michael Eavis himself recommended as an alternative to Glasto for one of their fallow years. .

Then, for dance music fans, there’s Tomorrowland, Belgium’s first EDMonster with gigantic stages that mix theme park-level production with acrobatics and more lasers than a star wars film.

And if you like to mix up your night out with a touch of glamour, then Ibiza undoubtedly has some of the best nightclubs and DJs to dive into on a more traditional holiday.

European festivals often start late in the evening and continue until early morning, as they often benefit from better weather, some do not offer camping or encourage you to look for hostels and Airbnb nearby, so planning ahead is essential.

So take advantage of our selection of the best line-up posters, as well as places where you can buy tickets, and get your tan on.

Primavera Sound was launched in 2011 and has long been hailed as one of the coolest festivals in Europe, if not the world. The Barcelona leg has around 220,000 fans, no camping, and is spread over two weekends, just like Coachella. But it also features a host of fringe performances from local Spanish bands and established big bands. The festival has also evolved into several other editions in Porto, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile. See the full line-ups here.

When? Weekend 1, 2-4 June. Weekend June 2 8-11. Primavera In La Ciutat – 1-8 June.

Primavera Sound Barcelona is currently sold out, but you can currently join the waitlist for refunded tickets through their websiteand Of. You can also buy tickets for other editions.

The Roskilde Festival was first launched in 1972 and takes place in the southern part of the festival’s namesake, Roskilde in Denmark. The event is spread over eight days with 130,000 people attending from all Scandinavian countries and Germany. There is camping at this one, and you can pre-book certain areas, as well as camping areas for those interested in helping.

When? June 25 – July 2
Tickets are currently sold out.

One of the sunniest festivals on the list, Hideout on Zrće beach in Croatia is almost definitely guaranteed sunshine, as well as a big party. This year will mark the festival’s 11th event, with five outdoor stages hosting electronic acts, as well as extended boat, beach and club parties, as well as water sports. There is also the opportunity to explore the Plitvice Lakes National Park, and Croatia is ideal for an island hopping before or after your trip.

When? July 3-7, 2022.

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The Exit festival started in 2000 with students fighting for democracy in Serbia. Set on the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad overlooking the Danube, it is certainly an amazing sight to behold. The event attracts 180,000 visitors and has won numerous awards for ‘Best Major Festival’ and ‘Best European Festival’. There is camping in this one, but it is VERY hot, so there are also options to book hostels.

When? July 7-10, 2022

Buy your tickets for the Exit festival

Taking place in Budapest, Hungary, Sziget has already been hailed as the festival to attend when Glastonbury has a fallow year by the mighty Michael Eavis himself. The festival brought together 565,000 people in 2019 on a 266-acre island, hence the slogan “the island of freedom”. It’s officially the biggest festival in Europe, and it’s undoubtedly a big part of the after-hours fun you get from festivals like Glasto, with comedy, theatre, acrobatics, dance, art and much more, earning it multiple accolades for “Best European Festival”. ‘. And yes, given the size there is camping at this one.

When? July 10-15

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The Tomorrowland festival is the monster of dance music in Belgium, spread over three weekends, with 14 stages and a total of 600,000 people in attendance. Held in (very appropriate) Boom, Flanders, the festival features huge light shows, circus performers and pyrotechnics that would make even Michael Bay dizzy. Each year has a theme, this year being “a reflection of love” and everything from the boxes where tickets are shipped to the opening show on the main stage ties into it. This one sells out quickly, just like Glastonbury, but with a more organized buying system. There is camping available (aka Dreamville), as well as partner hotels, and even hot tubs and pools for VIP ticket holders.

When? July 15-31
The festival is sold out, but you can join the waiting list for new posts to be published, and buy Global Journey travel packages.

Pukkelpop isn’t just great fun to say, the music giant in Hasselt Belgium plays host to around 200,000 people for a solid lineup of new and classic artists across rock, pop, dance and metal. There is also camping available in this one, it’s free for basic camping with paid upgrades for VIPs and areas in front of the arena.

August 18 – 21, 2022

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And if you feel like partying without camping or walking between stages, you might want to consider a trip to White Isle for a weekend (or week) at some of the best clubs in the world.

If the tastes of white lines and Kevin and Perry are getting big taught us something, it’s that the party never stops there. In fact, there’s so much going on in Ibiza that it’s impossible to sum it all up. Here are some highlights:

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