Best quirky Airbnb OMG! Category Accommodation

Recently, Airbnb launched a new sorting option that allows travelers to find accommodations with unusual or interesting characteristics: categories. The company calls the most unique Category “OMG!

You can find everything from spaceship-shaped houses to fully furnished tents, but that’s just the beginning.

Here are some of the most fascinating places in the OMG! Category.

Hotel Big Idaho Potato—Boise, Idaho

Depending on your perspective, this option is either the biggest potato around or an exceptionally small hotel. From the outside, it looks like a huge but humble potato.

The interior, however, has curved white walls and a luxurious yet cozy atmosphere. This tater is not ideal for large groups; it has only one bed and can accommodate up to two people.

Dome House in the Sacred Valley – Peru


Guitar House—Sindun-Myeon, South Korea


The owner of the Guitar House describes it as a place of emotional healing, which is lovely, but that’s not the feature that landed this house in the OMG! Category. This location is unusual because part of the exterior resembles a gigantic guitar.

With its curved ceilings, pale walls and light wood, it’s no wonder visitors rave about the relaxing environment. The Guitar House also includes a terrace with beautiful views of the surrounding city.

Entering and exiting the list, travelers pass through a ceramic pottery art village.

Genuine Cold War Relic Atlas F Missile Silo / Bunker


UFO ‘Futuro style Flying Saucer’! – UK


The Arctic Hideaway – Low fat pod -1 double bed – Norway


Serenity Tiny House Located Near Top Attractions – Tennessee, USA


Flea Windmill—Ponta Delgada, Portugal


As well as looking adorable, this refurbished 19th-century windmill boasts 360-degree views from its top floor. Visitors can gaze at the ocean or the equally impressive natural surroundings of Ponta Delgada itself.

The cylindrical interior has an airy yet cozy feel; a spiral staircase is another charming feature. The Flea Windmill includes a kitchenette and on-site parking.

Camping Culture – Val Ross – The Netherlands


Artist’s Tower on the Sea


The weird and delicious OMG! The category was an instant hit among Airbnb customers, and the accommodations above illustrate why.

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