Bettendorf Woman Finds Luck and $50,000 with the Iowa Lottery

Luck continues in the Quad Cities. A Bettendorf woman has reunited with one of Lady Luck’s multiple sisters in Bettendorf and now wins $50,000. We love this chance in the Quad Cities but will it ever end? We hope not!

The Quad Cities luck continues with a woman in Bettendorf. According to Iowa LotteryMarchelle Kosgard has won the fourth jackpot in the Iowa Lottery’s “Wild Card” scratch game.

Marchelle purchased her winning ticket at ExpressLane, 3718 State St. in Bettendorf, and claimed her prize Friday at the lottery’s Cedar Rapids regional office.

Marchelle becomes the 5th inhabitant of Bettendorf this summer to win a prize.

The Quad Cities in general have had a lot of luck with the Iowa Lottery this summer. In August, Todd Rands, also from Bettendorf, won $50,000 in the ‘Power Shot’ scratch game he bought at QC Mart, 2545 18th St. in Bettendorf.

Also in August, DeWitt’s Russell Smith has won $10,000 in the Iowa Lottery’s “Extreme Green Progressive” InstaPlay game. Smith purchased his winning ticket at Macs Express, 1101 11th St. in DeWitt.

End of July, Ben Sanford won a Mega Millions prize of $2 million when the jackpot reached an incredible $1.3 billion. Sanford bought the $2 million ticket at the Big 10 Mart, 999 Middle Road in Bettendorf.

In July, Bettendorf’s Keon Davis won second prize for the Iowa Lottery’s “Cash Creator” scratch game last week, according to Iowa Lottery officials. Davis purchased his winning ticket at Expresslane, 1208 E. Locust St. in Davenport.

Back in June the Quad Cities saw 5 big winners! QC’s last winner in June was Vanessa Lam from Bettendorf who won the third jackpot in the Iowa Lottery’s “X The Money” scratch game. The first prize is worth $50,000.

Lam purchased his winning ticket at EZ Stop, 2923 Brady St. in Davenport. She claimed her prize Tuesday at the Cedar Rapids regional office of the lottery.

Also in June, Davenport had not one but two lottery winners. Christine Sanders won $50,000 (she got her ticket at Express Lane Gas & Food Mart on North Harrison) and Mason Brower won $30,000 (he got her ticket at W Mart on East Locust).

June 14, we told you about a Rryan Claussen from Eldridge who won $100,000 on a scratch ticket during a road trip with his father. He bought that winning ticket at Casey’s (1800 S. B Ave.) in Nevada.

The next day, Jean Miller of Davenport won $50,000 of the lottery “Power Shot” scratch game. She got the winning ticket at the Kwik Star at 13888 118th Ave.

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Wild Card is a $5 scratch card game that features eight $50,000 jackpots and overall odds of 1 in 3.40. For more information on this game and the number of prizes still available, visit

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