Big Mouth Biscuits serves delicious food.

INDIANAPOLIS– One of Travis Zinger’s favorite memories centers on making hearty breakfasts for his children when they were younger. For him, a big breakfast on Sunday is a special family bonding activity.

But when the kids moved in, this cookie-loving foodie decided to move to Indianapolis and open Big Mouth Biscuits inside Indy’s Kitchen in 2442, avenue du Center.

Her intention was to create a menu based on those fond memories and put her family’s favorites on the menu.

However, it was actually a tasty mistake in her recipe that helped her cookie shop manage to make a savory impact.

We have breakfast in the Fall Creek Place neighborhood on this trip In your neighborhood.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Travis Zinger knows a thing or two about cookies.

” It’s a thing. When you go to different cities, there is a cookie culture… cookie heads, ”he explained.

But when he arrived in Indianapolis for a labor convention, he found plenty of foodies but no cookies.

“There was no cookie culture,” Zinger said. “So, it was time to create the hashtag #BiscuitLove and get started.”

Soon after, he moved to Circle City and opened Big Mouth Biscuits in Indy’s kitchen.

Photo credit: Big Mouth Biscuits Facebook page

It is a shared space and a culinary incubator for local restaurants.

But first, he needed a fantastic cookie recipe. So he asked some friends who work in the industry.

“I wrote it wrong. I took it back to Indy and did it wrong. And I served it poorly to the first 25 guests, ”he recalls. “And they loved it! ”

This slightly sweet mess has become the signature butter cookie.

The restaurant also offers a blueberry cookie and a salted jalapeño cookie.

I do not know what to do? Just talk to Zinger’s business partner and self-proclaimed “Biscuit Town Mayor” Clinton Rollins.

“Our most popular articles [include] honey butter chicken. It’s a chicken breast and a plain cookie. You can have a drizzle of honey butter or a sauce, ”he explained.

Photo Credit: Yelp Indy via Big Mouth Biscuits

Or if you are really hungry …

“The Hangover Cookie has three meats. You can choose the chef. Or you can make pork chops, bacon, sausage. hot links. Your choice, ”said Rollins.

You can take your cookie to take away or dine indoors or on the pet-friendly terrace.

And no visit is ever complete without a photo with the dapper-clad mayor who always campaigns for more “cookie love.”

Photo credit: Rachel Bogle CBS4

Four things you need to know about Big Mouth cookies:

Big Mouth Biscuits officially opened on April 1 of this year, just 28 days after Travis Zinger came up with the concept of a new cookie-centric restaurant. As a native of Texas, Zinger was surprised to see no cookie restaurant scene in Circle City on one of his work trips. So he decided to settle here and start his own business.

· All menu items are created from past experiences with the family. “When my kids were younger, we cooked a big breakfast on Sundays and it was a family bond,” Zinger recalls. “They’ve all grown up and they’re in college and out of college now, so it was natural for me to go back. [and] create a breakfast type scenario and put all of their favorites on my menu.

Not only does Big Mouth Biscuits have a pet patio to soak up the last part of fall before winter arrives, but they’ve also developed a special puppy treat for the menu.

In the very near future, we can expect to see a second location appear inside the City market downtown. They are currently under construction and hope to open this location around Thanksgiving this year.

For more information on Big Mouth Biscuits, check out the website by clicking here. For more photos and reviews of local Yelpers, check out their Yelp Profile. You can also connect to social networks via Facebook and Instagram.

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