Birmingham 2022 brings £870m to UK economy

  • Last year’s Commonwealth Games already brought £870.7m to the UK economy, new report reveals
  • 9,000 full-time equivalent jobs were supported in 2022 thanks to the Games, with volunteers accumulating 1.25 million hours of work
  • Birmingham 2022 has provided the West Midlands with new sporting venues and improved transport services

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games contributed at least £870m** to the UK economy, new research reveals.

The independent interim evaluation report revealed that the West Midlands economy has received a significant boost, with more than half of the economic impact generated (£453.7m**) benefiting businesses and to communities in the region.

A record 1.5 million tickets have been sold for Birmingham 2022, the biggest multi-sport event held in England in the past 10 years.

Held from July 28 to August 8, 2022, the Games brought together 6,600 athletes and team officials from 72 Commonwealth nations and territories.

Sports Minister Stuart Andrew said:

Birmingham 2022 has been hugely successful in boosting the local economy and bringing people together. This report shows that new jobs and investment are just the beginning of the story, with the Games paving the way for future events in the region.

The Games put the West Midlands on the world stage and provided the region with world-class facilities. Thanks to Birmingham 2022, the city now has the industry know-how and venues to host the European Athletics Championships in 2026.

Diversity and inclusion were at the heart of the ‘Friendly Games’, with the first fully integrated pride programme, more medals for women than men and the largest para-sport program in Commonwealth Games history.

Since Birmingham hosted the Games in 2017, the event has created around 15,410 years of jobs in the UK. In the summer of 2022, this equated to over 9,000* full-time equivalent jobs. Birmingham 2022 also provided 5,188 weeks of apprenticeships, 2,000 internships and trainings to 14,075 Commonwealth Collective members who contributed 1.25 million volunteer hours.

The interim report outlines the benefits the Games had for local businesses and volunteers. Nearly three-quarters of local businesses surveyed said they had secured new investment through Games contracts. Commonwealth Collective volunteers said participation in the Games increased feelings of inclusion, pride and well-being.

Cllr Ian Ward, Leader of Birmingham City Council, said:

As this report clearly shows, the Birmingham Commonwealth Games have provided a huge and timely boost to Birmingham, the West Midlands and the UK.

The Games were just the start of Birmingham’s Golden Decade of Opportunity, providing a springboard for further success, and these results underline why the board’s bold decision to lead the bid for the Games was the right one.

Birmingham 2022 has always been so much more than 11 days of sport and we are now firmly focused on delivering on the long-term legacy of being the proud host city. The council will continue to work with partners to ensure that the people and communities of Birmingham and the wider region continue to be winners of the Commonwealth Games for years to come.

Sir John Crabtree, outgoing Birmingham 2022 Chairman, said:

A key part of our Birmingham 2022 mission was to help the region grow and succeed, an ambition that has taken on even greater importance following the impact of the global pandemic. This report, which describes a beneficial boost for the West Midlands economy, is proof that the Games have successfully achieved this goal, and this is further demonstrated by the employment figures, with around 7,440 full-time equivalent jobs. nets sustained at the height of the Games.

It has been an incredible honor to lead the organization of such an important event for the West Midlands and, as the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee nears the end of its journey, we would like to thank all of our partners for their support and contributions. who contributed to the success of the Games and ensured such a significant economic impact for the host city and region.

Geoff Thompson, outgoing Vice-Chairman of Birmingham 2022, said:

This report once again clearly highlights the value of organizing major sporting events. This part of the country now has a fantastic opportunity to build on the success of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, especially as having taken center stage over the summer has really helped to further elevate the global profile of Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond – socially, culturally. and economically. In particular, sport and physical activity opportunities for youth and communities will continue to see an equitable, diverse and inclusive legacy achieved for all.

The Games also had an impact on the region’s global reputation, West Midlands pride and community cohesion. Based on interviews with locals, the Games provided a focal point for residents to come together and feel part of the events, while encouraging West Midlands residents to visit areas they wouldn’t have otherwise visited.

Dame Louise Martin, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation said:

“From record ticket sales to the biggest ever sporting programme, the spectacular Birmingham 2022 has set a new benchmark for Commonwealth Sport. Importantly, it has also generated significant economic impact, spurred investment and created jobs, while enhancing the region’s global reputation. The Games left an impressive and far-reaching legacy that will ensure they will be remembered for many years to come. »

The Birmingham 2022 events recorded an estimated total global TV audience of 834.9 million, over 215 million digital views, 141 million social media interactions and generated significant positive media coverage.

Thanks to the Commonwealth Games, Birmingham and the West Midlands have benefited from a new Aquatics Center at Sandwell, the redevelopment of Alexander Stadium and wider regeneration projects at Perry Barr, including a brand new train station.

Paul Blanchard, CEO of Commonwealth Games England said:

“It’s fantastic to see the impact Birmingham 2022 has had on the West Midlands and the nation. We’ve seen the excitement the Games have brought to the athletes with hugely memorable moments and the millions of spectators who have engaged. Now , seeing the lasting impact is great, particularly the development of sporting facilities and equipment in the area to inspire the next generation of English talent.

The Games were delivered on a budget of £778m and the UK government announced it would invest over £60m of unspent emergency funds from that core budget in the West Midlands to further improve the legacy of the Games.

The UK government is working with local authorities to ensure funding is invested in improving access to sport and culture, building up the region’s expertise in hosting major events and stimulating foreign investment and tourism.

Notes to Editors

*in gross terms **gross value added (in gross terms)

  • Read it full report.
  • This report follows a pre-Games assessment report published in November 2021. The longer-term economic and societal impact of the Commonwealth Games will be assessed by a third evaluation report, which is expected to be published late next year or early 2024.
  • A Highlights Report summarizing some of the short-term benefits of the Games was also published in September 2022.
  • The raw figures do not take into account any activities or expenditure that would have taken place anyway, or would have taken place instead, had the Games events not taken place in the West Midlands.
  • Employment is reported in terms of full-time equivalent, which adjusts part-time or temporary staff to annual full-time equivalents based on the proportion of full-time hours worked over a full year.

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