Birmingham goalkeeper Neil Etheridge ‘shaken’ by alleged racist abuse against Blackburn with game briefly interrupted

BIRMINGHAM goalkeeper Neil Etheridge has claimed he was racially abused in yesterday’s 2-2 FA Cup draw at Blackburn.

The 32-year-old Philippines captain reported it to referee Keith Stroud, who briefly interrupted the game.


Neil Etheridge claims he was racially abused in Birmingham’s FA Cup tie with BlackburnCredit: Getty
Etheridge was furious and play was briefly halted after alleged fan abuse


Etheridge was furious and play was briefly halted after alleged fan abuseCredit: Getty

And AF the chiefs will now investigate.

City boss John Eustace said: ‘Neil was racially abused which is completely out of line.

“There’s just no place for that in society.

“It’s really disappointing that this is happening. We don’t condone it at all.

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“The referee will report it and it will be up to the authorities to act. This is a very serious problem.

“Neil was shaken after the game. The guys got right behind him and made sure he was okay.

The keeper was furious amid allegations of a slant-eyed gesture from a fan in the fourth-round clash.

Blackburn said: “We are aware of the allegations of racist abuse.

“The club has a zero tolerance policy for all forms of abuse and discrimination, and will take the strongest possible action against anyone found to have committed such offences.”

Birmingham added: “We will assist the FA and the authorities accordingly.

“There is no place for racism in the game.”

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