Black Farmers and Airbnb Launch Agritourism Trail Experience in Georgia

Courtesy of Airbnb

Black farmers often go unnoticed, but a new initiative with Airbnb and The New Communities Land Trust honor them. The company and the organization are partnering with some countries in the South to launch what they call the Southwest Georgia Agritourism Trail-a one-of-a-kind experience to bring travelers to see the land and learn the stories of black farmers.

“Travel has long opened new doors of discovery – and the very nature of hosting lends itself to telling stories, sharing traditions and understanding history first-hand,” said Catherine Powell, Head of world of accommodation at Airbnb in a press release. “We are thrilled to launch the Southwest Georgia Agri-Tourism Trail with Shirley and the New Communities Land Trust, not only to introduce these families to lodging, but also to the global Airbnb community about the past, present, and future. of black agriculture.”

Through this initiative, travelers will have the chance to experience Southwest Georgia culture and gain insight into the history and ever-present needs of Black farming communities. It also gives farmers the opportunity to harness the economic opportunities of local tourism by hosting and publicizing the work they do. This is especially relevant now that the rise of remote work has created new opportunities for hosts living in rural communities, such as farmers.

Some activities you’ll enjoy as an Airbnb guest on the trail include a civil rights tour, a “Taste of the South” food tour, and the chance to choose fresh foods to eat straight from the farm. Guests will also hear stories from four generations of agricultural history.

The Southwest Georgia Agri-Tourism Trail is led by The New Communities Land Trust co-founder and USDA Equity Commissioner Shirley Sherron. The organization was founded during the civil rights movement to support black farmers who collectively own over 6,000 acres of farmland. The trust educates them on how to create generational wealth by teaching members sustainable farming and agribusiness practices. The organization’s headquarters are located in Resora, a former plantation near Albany originally owned by one of Georgia’s largest slave estates.

Sherron spoke about the New Communities Land Trust’s vision for black farmers and what she hopes for the future.

“When New Communities acquired Resora over a decade ago, we envisioned it as a place where we could cultivate the land, nurture people’s spirits and empower our community,” she said. “I look forward to the possibilities this new partnership will bring to our members, the rich stories that will continue to be passed on by guests, and the kind of relaxation and restoration that only being in nature can provide. “

Ready to book and experience the Southwest Georgia Agritourism Trail? Accommodation starts at $175/night and you can book activities on the site also.

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