10 secondary characters with the energy of the main character

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the FXX show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

As viewers eagerly await FXX’s highly anticipated 16th season Philadelphia is always sunny, discussions and debates about the long-running sitcom’s most iconic scenes, episodes and characters continue within the fandom. While it’s always fun to talk about the gang’s wild antics – Dee, Dennis, Mac, Charlie and Frank – the show’s well-written supporting characters also deserve attention.

Some of the show’s most hilarious and unforgettable secondary characters will often display the main character’s energy. It’s easy to imagine fan favorites like Artemis and the Lawyer alongside the gang as they go through their goofy misadventures. These characters can track the outrageous schemes and goofy situations that Paddy’s Pub owners always find themselves in.


Gail the snail

always sunny Gail the snail

First introduced in Season 5, Gail the Snail is one of the Reynolds’ oddest relatives who has a disgusting habit of sucking his saliva. She earned her nickname from her childhood spent with Dennis and Dee “salting the snail” to get rid of her. It’s an incredibly cruel way to hunt their own cousin, but one that has stuck well into their adult lives.

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Gail’s weirdness makes any scene with her instantly memorable. She has unexpected reactions to serious events like her father’s death, which doesn’t bother her at all. Much like the main characters, she can ignore potentially painful events and even make them speak for themselves at times.

Artemis Dubois

Most fans would agree that Artemis deserves to join the gang because she’s one of those characters who’s just willing to go along with whatever crazy plan they have planned for the day. Artemis has that same chaotic energy that the group brings into every situation, which is why she gets along well with Dee and Frank.

Along with joining the bar owner business without hesitation, Artemis also has her own unique brand of comedy, as her confidence and assertiveness often result in some hilarious moments. Fans may recall that she ended up directing the last version of “Lethal Weapon” after making it clear that she was the only one who could do it properly.

Bill Ponderosa

Bill Ponderosa in a bathrobe on a sofa in It's-Always-Sunny-In-Philadelphia

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Pondy is a tamed version of Cricket. He is the clear counterpart to the more popular supporting character, as the two had a continuous downward spiral in the sitcom. Much like Cricket, Pondy’s interactions with the gang often result in his life getting worse.

Viewers likely see potential in Pondy’s main character during her lowest moments in the series, as her tendency to overdo it with drugs and alcohol is a reminder of the gang’s inability to practice self-control in her life. daily. The fact that he’s also still clinging to the missing version of himself from high school makes him even more like the bar owners who often exaggerate their glory days.

Ben Smith

One thing that sets Ben apart from the other victims of the gang is that he’s never been around as much as them (at least not yet). The worst that happened to the veteran is that he partied with Pondy at one point, but was able to pull himself together by breaking away from the gang completely.

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It would be interesting to see Ben as the main character because of that rare ability to stand up to rowdy bar owners. He calls them out for their toxic behavior, which they definitely need to hear more often.


Jan the roommate leaning on a door frame and talking in It's-Always-Sunny-In-Philadelphia

Jan and Dennis’ relationship may have been brief, but their time together is likely something audiences still look back on thanks to the quality of their chemistry. He’s arguably a bit more adventurous and outgoing than Dennis, which ends up getting him kicked out of the apartment.

He obviously has what it takes to become a main character, as he shares similar traits and ideas with Dennis when it comes to flirting and partying. Some viewers may still be hoping he makes another appearance in the future, even if it’s just to make Mac jealous again.

Nikki and Alexis

Nikki and Alexi in bed with Charlie and Frank in Always Sunny.

When Charlie and Frank try to list their place on Airbnb, they don’t expect to meet their European counterparts, Nikki and Alexi. They are disappointed at first, but quickly discover that they enjoy spending time with guests who share similar quirky habits and tools like Frank’s knife.

Nikki and Alexi form a sympathetic duo which is undoubtedly less intense than the main characters. They could play in their own more relaxed version of The weather is always goodas it has already been established that they are no longer welcome at Charlie and Frank.

Liam McPoyle

Liam McPoyle wearing his disturbing eye patch.

The McPoyles are another group on the show who could star in their own spin-off, as their family is full of quirky individuals like Liam. He is the unofficial leader of the McPoyles, so he is often able to control the actions of his siblings, especially his younger brother Ryan.

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Liam’s quirks and interesting likes and dislikes would make him a compelling main character. From his soft punches to his insistence on always being sweaty, he has more than enough odd traits and behaviors to keep viewers glued to their screens whenever he’s around.

the lawyer

The lawyer and Dee in court in Always Sunny.

IASIP fans can never rule out the lawyer when it comes to supporting characters that exude energy from the main character. He exudes confidence, arrogance and determination, not to mention that he is really, really good at his job.

The best thing about the lawyer is that no matter how well thought out and prepared he is every time he takes on the gang, they always seem to find a way to beat him. Her rivalry with Charlie is also always ridiculously fun to watch unfold, as the stakes only increase each time they come together.

Uncle Jack Kelly

Uncle Jack with his fake hands in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

While there’s no doubt that Uncle Jack is one of the show’s worst parents, it’s hard to deny that any episode with him almost always turns out to be legendary. Viewers learn more about his creepy personality each time he tries and fails to help the gang, as well as his incompetence as the family’s lawyer.

Of course, his main character’s energy comes mostly from his unusual obsession with hands. Who could forget her iconic “nobody look” moment after her fake big hands came off in the middle of a trial? Audiences would probably love to see an entire episode devoted to Uncle Jack’s origin story that could finally explain his bizarre insecurity.

Bonnie Kelly

The more fans learn about Charlie’s mother, the easier it is to see where the concierge at Paddy’s Pub gets some of his quirks from. She may have seemed like a sweet and loving mother at first, but fans now know that she has a more cunning and sadly neglectful side that can negatively impact those around her.

Bonnie’s main character vibe even gives the gang the perfect opportunity to feature her as a TV mom on their twisted secret show filmed by hidden cameras. Her complicated love life and mind-boggling dynamic with Mac’s mom could be the subject of a spinoff that could focus on Charlie’s family.

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