Black man attacked by ‘Karen’ at Hilton hotel for service [WATCH]

* Video has gone viral showing a white woman attacking a black man at a Hilton hotel in Rio de Janeiro on New Years Day.

According to daily item, the incident happened after hotel staff served the man, who was a Diamond member, before the woman and her partner.

Here is more of the output:

The video was shared on Twitter by the user @monty_sexton, which passes by King on the platform. twitter user @slyfoxnyc, who goes by HL on the platform, responded to King’s tweet, claiming to be the man who was attacked in the video.

“Can you please send me the video so I can send it to Hilton HQ, because of this security lapse the couple had the police waiting outside for hours. I couldn’t stay at the hotel that night because they lied saying I attacked them. Thanks for checking in,” HL tweeted to King on January 2.

The footage shows HL standing near a reception desk separated from the white couple by four people who appear to be hotel security guards. After unintelligible shouting and arguing, the white woman broke away from the staff and attacked HL, wrapping her hands around her head and pushing her away from the front desk. He can be seen trying to free himself from her grip, then he punched the white man. The white man fell to the ground and appeared to be knocked out.

Watch the moment via the Twitter clip below.

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Security guards attempt to restrain the woman but their efforts repeatedly fail. In the video, HL describes the couple as “drunk” and “rude”.

“You haven’t defused the situation because she’s still there talking,” King can be heard saying. “You are all supposed to separate the party.”

Several Twitter users were stunned to learn that the Hilton refused to let the black man stay at the hotel after the attack.

“Yeah they came back with cops saying I attacked them while waiting for hours outside the hotel with the police and @hilton wanted me not to meet the police so I went and stayed at the Airbnb which I had also rented, I was only staying at the Hilton because I rented the room for my NYE party,” HL tweeted.

HL too tweeted that the couple tried to cut it online and called it the N-word.

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