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Blackpool Week – What is all the hype about?
On the way back to the station, a taxi driver from Blackpool asked me a question in a thick northern accent: “Why is everyone so excited about coming to Blackpool?” »

Now, I’m not sure EVERYONE is excited about the seaside town, but what people need to understand is that, for dancers, Blackpool is the goal. This is where dreams come true.

It might certainly sound funny to some. It’s talked about so much on Strictly that I imagine some people are sick of hearing about it.

However, if you ever have the chance to go to The Tower Ballroom, you will understand that all the hype is true.

The moment you step inside this beautiful place, you can feel the atmosphere and sheer history of it.

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Years and years of Waltzes, Cha Chas and Quicksteps on this suspended floor. Echoes of the band playing Foxtrots and Jives.

I had the chance to go to the show this week.

I’ve been to Blackpool to compete twice a year all my life, just like my parents did, aunt and grandparents.

I was buzzing to be back. The show itself was everything I expected.

A highlight for me was Helen.

If I could sum up dancing in Blackpool on Strictly Come Dancing in front of a wonderful live orchestra in one face, it would be the face of Helen Skelton.

Not only had she corrected some technical stuff from the previous weeks, but the sheer enjoyment of it all emanated from her. It was beautiful to see.

Top 3 this week

With only a few couples left, I’ll narrow my Top 4 down to a Top 3:

1. Flower (10) EXCEPTIONAL.
2. Helen (10) Wonderful technique, energy and expression.
3. Will (9) The performance was full of fun and excitement and he rocked the whole floor of Blackpool with it!

someone had to go

Naturally, at this stage of the competition, it becomes really difficult to see someone eliminated, because now that we are getting closer to the final, we are much more critical and are looking for details.

So we had Molly and Tyler in the dance. Could Molly have been a little lighter in her Jive? Yes.

Could Tyler’s first lift have been a little smoother? Yes. Difficult decision.

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