book an airbnb stay at Kurokawa’s metabolist icon, “capsule house K”

spend a night in the restored house of kisho kurokawa

Architecture lovers and history buffs are invited to book a Airbnb stay in Capsule House K, a recently restored icon and one of the last existing buildings of the Metabolist movement – especially after last year’s demolition of the Nakagin Capsule Tower.

While the Nakagin Capsule Tower was built in Tokyo to accommodate the transient lifestyle of urban businessmen, the Capsule House K is nestled among the Nagano Prefecturethe forested landscape of Kurokawa and served as Kurokawa’s own residence after its construction in 1972. Despite this radical change in use and location, the two projects were designed according to the same logic involving the “permanent base” element on which the individual modules are fixed.

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airbnb lists metabolist-style retreat in ‘capsule house k’

Since its interiors have been restored to their original condition, Capsule house K opened up through Airbnb to guests wanting to experience a retreat in nature through the lens of Metabolist. The structure is organized with a central core and four adjoining capsule chambers.

The registration on Airbnb notes that the single-family home is ideal for four to five people, although it can accommodate up to seven people using the two futons in the tea room. The master bedroom, with a king-size bed and a single sofa bed, is located on the lower level of the core of the house. This room opens into the thick woods through a circular window – a familiar feature in much of Kisho Kurokawa’s early years. work. ‘Capsule Room A’ offers a single bed and the living room of ‘Capsule Room B’ has a sofa bed. These two compact bedrooms are each equipped with a small bathroom.

k airbnb capsule house

The capsule lounge is finished in an all-white scheme and is fitted with restored 1970s control panel light fixtures. A stunning tea lounge occupies the third capsule room, incorporating traditional Japanese interior styling and sliding shoji screens to contrast the elements retro-futuristic living room. A bright kitchen, the only capsule bedroom with a non-circular window, overlooks the lush treetops of the forest. Of course, guests are encouraged to treat the house with care, respecting its historical significance and the careful restoration by Mirai Kurokawa Design Studio and Toshihiko Suzuki Laboratory.

k airbnb capsule house
the kitchen occupies the only capsule room with a non-circular window k airbnb capsule house
the master bedroom is on the lower level of the core of the house

k airbnb capsule housea Capsule tea room is equipped with sliding shoji screens

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