British Columbians share their favorite vacation spots in the province and they look unreal (PHOTOS)

Have you ever gone to book a vacation, only to find that there are no more reasonably priced Airbnb’s, flight prices have skyrocketed, BC Ferries tickets have disappeared, and you struggle to make an itinerary? Yes, we’ve all been there, but the solution is to book them early.

That BC Reddit thread has locals sharing all their favorite vacation spots in the province, so you can get a head start on planning your next trip.

It all started with someone from Ontario asking for help deciding where to go on a three-week family vacation to the west coast.

British Columbians were there to save the day, making vacation recommendations that lived up to the “beautiful British Columbia” name.

Whether you are a local looking for a stay or hike across the countrythis is where the locals say you should hit!

Wells Gray Provincial Park

Apparently this stop is a must for camping and hunting waterfalls. Count on us!

This huge wilderness park is actually the fourth largest park in British Columbia. If you want something even bigger, you can head to Tatshenshini, Spatsizi or Tweedsmuir.

Between flower meadows set in the mountains, hiking and wildlife, you are all here. More, Helmcken Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Canadaand it is in this park.

Vancouver Island

There’s a lot to cover when visiting the island, but one local said Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Ucluelet, and Tofino shouldn’t be missed.

While a few locals suggested Tofino, one pointed out that the small town is “too busy” and that there are nicer places to visit on the island where you can avoid the crowds. crowds.

Someone else suggested Port Renfrew as a replacement.

They also said that Botanical Beach, Sombrio Beach, Mystic Beach and Sandcut Beach are worth seeing.

So hop on a BC Ferries route on the island and explore!


Some people have suggested heading into the interior of the province and seeing the legendary Kootenays. This area is full of epic mountain ranges, stunning waterfalls, and beautiful lakes.

It’s perfect for someone who loves the outdoors and is up for adventure.


After checking out the ocean, it’s time to experience the desert life. Yes, it’s a real desert…in Canada!

This place will give you a different vibe from the rest of Canada, so it’s worth going to see this unique destination.

sunny coast

The easiest way to get to the Sunshine Coast is to take BC Ferries to Gibsons. From here you can drive along the coast and explore all the hidden gems along the way.

This place is West Coast lifestyle all the way.


How can you go to British Columbia without visiting this iconic tourist spot?

Winter here is great for skiing, of course, but in the spring and summer you can explore unreal hikes in the Whistler area.

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