British personal trainer shot dead in allegedly targeted killing in Jamaica

A personal trainer from London vacationing in Jamaica was shot and killed in an Airbnb penthouse earlier this week in what police are calling a targeted killing.

Sean Patterson, 33, was allegedly shot Monday by an assailant wearing a hoodie while sitting by the pool around noon with a friend at One Love Guest House in the resort town of Montego Bay, according to a Times from London report. Authorities found Patterson lying in a “pool of blood” at the Jamaican villa after being shot in the head and chest. He was later pronounced dead at Cornwall Regional Hospital.

Jamaican Police Assistant Commissioner Fitz Bailey, citing Patterson’s “extensive criminal record” involving firearms and drugs, described his murder as a contract murder. in a press statement Wednesday.

A 34-year-old suspect, the alleged hitman, has been arrested by Jamaican authorities in connection with the fatal shooting, according to The Guardian.

Sean Patterson

Sean Patterson Picture: Facebook

Officials say they believe Patterson arrived in Jamaica on December 29 with a 30-year-old acquaintance, Shane Cameron – a British construction worker – with whom Patterson had booked a 3-night stay in an apartment, then a 5-night stay in the villa from January 1. (Patterson’s mother on Facebook had referred Cameron as his “godson”.)

That day, Patterson and Cameron attended a concert with Oshane Richards, 34, a local construction worker who police say was deported from the UK in 2013 after serving 33 months for possession of crack cocaine.

The three returned to the villa together around 5 a.m. and “retired to separate bedrooms,” Bailey said.

Richards and Patterson woke up around noon and went to the pool deck, where police said Richard told them the two men had made phone calls. Richards reportedly told police he turned his back on Patterson when he heard “several loud explosions that sounded like gunfire”.

Richards reportedly said he turned around and saw a man in a black hoodie shoot Patterson with a handgun, and fled.

When police arrived, Patterson was dead of 12 gunshot wounds to the head and chest, the New York Post reported.

Patterson, Bailey said, had an “extended criminal record for a number of offenses including narcotics, violence and firearms.”

“Our investigation so far has speculated that the murder was a contract murder emanating from Britain,” Bailey added. “There is no evidence that Patterson was robbed or had any connection to Jamaica.

“I lost my baby,” Patterson’s mother, Lesley Wright, 63, said. Told daily mail. “No mother should have to bury her child.”

Patterson’s family said he traveled to Jamaica to meet his father’s family for the first time, according to the British tabloid.

“He had had the time of his life,” added Wright. “He sent me a photo of him basking in the sun and a video of him jumping off a cliff into the sea.”

In a Facebook post Responding to Bailey’s press conference, she admitted her son had served time for drug possession, but said after his conviction he hadn’t “looked back”.

Patterson is survived by his fiancée, with whom he had a 13 years love relationship, according to his mother on Facebook and the British media LBC. The 33-year-old, from a large family, had three brothers and four sisters. He worked as a personal trainer in London.

“We need justice, we want justice, he deserves justice because he was someone,” Patterson’s father, Alan Patterson, said. Told ITV News from London.

The grieving father said he was struggling to “process” the loss of his son.

“His name was Sean Alan Patterson, loved by all West Londoners,” said Alan Patterson. “Wherever he went he was loved. He just had this mannerism that just got the better of people and they took that light away from us.

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