British property management platform Airbnb GuestReady seeks new funding

UK-based Airbnb property management market leader GuestReady is gearing up to raise more money from investors.

The company has reached out to supporters via email to say a second crowdfunding campaign is set to begin, just eight months after raising £1.3million through a similar campaign.

Launched in December last year, at the time GuestReady saw its stock offering gobbled up in a single day – Seedrs’ second biggest crowdfunding campaign of 2020.

It was proof that investors believed the Airbnb vacation rental market would explode as the economy reopened.

They were right – but it will be interesting to see if this translates to further investor enthusiasm for GuestReady as it asks for more money, again via Seedrs.

The company says its bookings are up 300% so far this year and last month it doubled its July 2020 booking levels.

Although based in the UK, GuestReady is present in Europe, Asia and the Middle East with 2,500 properties currently under management and an ambition to reach 10,000 soon.

“Our existing investors, who believe more than ever in our vision, have decided to increase their stake in GuestReady with additional funding to further accelerate our growth,” said CEO Alex Limpert (pictured).

“Once again, we have decided to open this cycle to our community as well.”

In June, GuestReady raised £4.75 million in a European funding led by a Russian venture capital firm, and before that it raised over £2m in pre-seed and seed (or seed) funding.

Read our iInterview with CEO Alex Limpertconducted just months before the Covid pandemic hit.

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