Bucharest District 4 launches procurement procedures for billion euro urban regeneration projects

Bucharest District 4 City Hall has launched open public procurement procedures for urban regeneration projects worth around € 1 billion.

Local authorities claim that these projects aim to implement the concept of the “New European Bauhaus” whereby EU cities should consolidate their post-pandemic economies and the “Green Deal” project.

Thus, the mayor of district 4 aims to obtain EU funding for these projects and has submitted them to the Ministry of EU Funds for inclusion in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) that Romania will present to the European Commission (EC).

Local authorities plan to award these projects to a maximum of 20 companies.

The projects target ten areas of interest in District 4, which require investments in the development of public spaces and outdoor recreation, the rehabilitation of road and pedestrian infrastructure, the modernization of school surroundings, etc.

The local authorities thus aim to reduce the development gap between district 4 and the north of Bucharest.

In addition to these new projects, the local authorities of district 4 state that they have ongoing projects worth 500 million euros for the rehabilitation of apartment buildings, the modernization of schools and the rehabilitation of the area around the city. Berceni market.

(Photo: Anechitei Mihai-gabriel | Dreamstime.com)

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