Bulgaria and Turkey are the cheapest holiday destinations for 2022, according to a report

Turkey’s Marmaris Sea tops the list of the most affordable holiday destinations for 2022, with a total of €31.45 or £26.13, for a basket of eight items seen as representatives that tourists are likely to buy during their summer stays.

According to Post Office UK, these items include the price of a three-course dinner for two with wine, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine, a can of Coca-Cola, a large bottle of water, a mug of coffee, sunscreen and insect repellent, all of which tourists can get for €31.45 in Turkey. Additionally, these items can be purchased for €31.52 in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, which is ranked the second cheapest destination, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Out of 36 destinations, Portugal’s Algarve vacation spot is ranked third, also the cheapest in the Eurozone, costing 25% less than stays on the Costa del Sol, Spain’s top vacation spot. sixth place.

Unlike vacation spots in Portugal, which cost around €53.49, Cape Town in South Africa and Paphos, which take fifth and sixth place, cost €64.14 and €68.01 respectively. Despite the fall in prices in Cyprus of 15%, the destination went from 11e to fifth position, and Cape Town’s visit costs fell by 1.6%, making it the best affordable long-haul destination.

In addition, year-on-year prices in Greece also fell by more than 15%, especially on the island of Corfu.

The remaining destinations in the EU include Funchal in Madeira, which reached €77.18, a slight increase compared to other months, and Lanzarote in the Canary Islands in Spain, with a cost of €85.71. Although not a vacation spot, Prague in the Czech Republic is also an affordable place to visit, with costs amounting to €80.84 for essentials.

“The strength of the pound against most currencies has helped reduce costs. Once the British pound exchange rate is applied to local currency prices, UK visitors will pay less in half of the destinations studied,” reads the Post Office report.

While the costs in Bulgaria and Portugal are the most affordable, the northern part of the continent has higher prices. Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, is the most expensive destination in the survey, followed by Barbados and Dubai, all of which saw a 20% increase.

In addition, there have been notable price spikes in several destinations – particularly those whose currencies have risen against the pound, such as Sri Lanka, which saw a 26% increase. In comparison, visitors from Mexico can expect to pay about 22% more in Cancun than a year ago.

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