Cabin with a view of Hawaii finally sells for $160,000

HONOLULU (KHON) – A structure that sits on a quarter-acre of land in a rural part of Hawaii’s Big Island hit the market in late January for $165,000. The house is about 20 minutes from the beach, with ocean and mountain views.

It was an unbeatable price, considering the median cost of a home in Hawaii is over $1 million. But the house has a catch: the kitchen and the bathroom are outside.

(Courtesy of Ivory Kalber/Jordan Dilts)

A few weeks after its initial release, the asking price dropped to $159,000. But the cabin didn’t sell until April 19, when it was bought for $160,000, according to Zillow data.

“A lot of people called, asking if they could set it up as Airbnb and with our current laws, you can’t just set it up like that,” said real estate agent Ivory Kalber. told KHON in February of early interest. “You should have had a permit, and the permitting process and the window to apply for a permit is now closed. So it’s not available.

The previous owner built the property himself and had lived there for about a year, Kalber said. In addition to the outdoor bathroom and kitchen, the owner added a veranda and a 100 square foot closed bedroom. Electricity is provided by six solar panels.

Kalber had also said the property was probably more suitable for a single occupant or perhaps a couple, rather than a family.

“It’s hard, but it’s not completely hard,” Kalber said in February. “It really is like a step up from camping.”

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