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Today I was going through my emails when I came across an interesting article of a real estate consulting firm called “Reventure”.

But the straw that will really “break the camel’s back” in these two states is the deepening recession in 2023. In California, expect a lot more layoffs and tech bankruptcies, crushing local housing demand. In Florida, expect a huge slowdown in tourism and recreation spending, forcing Airbnb/STR owners to sell…

I wonder if the straw that will help break up inventory competition in Pagosa Springs—STR demand versus traditional single-family (SF) residential use—will be out-of-town homeowners who will see, in 2023 (just like in Florida) a downturn in tourism and recreation spending across the state of Colorado?

If, like many other sunny states, the state of Colorado is experiencing a general slowdown in discretionary spending…the dollar amount a typical family household’s budget can afford, and in particular, how much a family typical is willing to spend in 2023 on leisure activity which could also involve travel and tourism spending, on short term accommodation for example…I wonder if we might see a reduction in tourism and leisure spending in the county and the city of Archuleta compared to what we have seen in recent years.

And a reduction in the overwhelming demand for housing in the city?

Hank Lydick
Austin, TX (now)
Pagosa Springs, CO (coming soon)

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