Canada Morning Brief: 8 things you need to know for September 22

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On top : An executive at vegetarian protein company Beyond Meat has been arrested after allegedly biting off another man’s nose during a fight outside a college football game. Who knew that “beyond meat” actually referred to human cartilage?

In case you missed it

1. Summer in Canada is over, so obviously we have to watch the snow

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to the ever-changing seasons in Canada, we struggle to live in the moment? It’s literally the first day of fall and we can’t help but look to the sky (and the Old Farmer’s Almanac) for signs that winter is coming. Of course, some corners of the country will start experiencing cold, snowy weather much sooner than others. From the West Coast to the Maritimes, Lisa Belmonte predicts what month each region of Canada can expect to experience its first snowstorm of the season.

  • Spoiler alert: The Maritimes currently appear to be headed for a mild fall – but again Category 4 Hurricane Fiona is on track to bring heavy rain and strong winds to the region from early Saturday, so there is already a bit of a compromise on the meteorological level.

2. Here are the free services newcomers to Canada should take advantage of

It takes special courage to wrap up your life in one country and dive headfirst into a whole new culture. Fortunately, Canada eases the burden on newcomers with a long list of free services designed to make the transition as smooth as possible, writes Janice Rodrigues. From settlement and employment services to language classes and more, these are the resources newcomers to Canada should consult as they begin to navigate their way.

  • Some tips:New citizens, residents and visitors alike will want to adjust their irony meters to 11. It’s a Canadian tradition to lean into global stereotypes of what life in the Great White North is really like – like this, uh , helpful viral TikTok about how Canadians reuse their igloos every spring to make maple syrup.

3. Adam Levine’s propensity to send inappropriate DMs took its toll

The leader of Maroon 5 and ex-
The voice Judge Adam Levine is in hot water after an OnlyFans creator revealed posts allegedly confirming an almost year-long affair with the 43-year-old musician. Sumner Stroh claims she only came forward because her friend ‘recklessly’ started buying screenshots of their tabloid correspondence – but now a group of additional women have made private message accusations Levine’s similar “inappropriate”, reports Sameen Chaudhry.

  • Okay, so what? No, it’s not necessarily illegal to be a serial pest, but Levine has been married to former Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo since 2014, and the couple recently announced they are expecting their third child together. So here is.
  • The Kick: Stroh showed an alleged message in which Levine says he’s “very serious” about potentially naming his next child Sumner “if it’s a boy.” There’s just a lot of completely normal behavior here, folks.

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Since it’s the first day of fall, let’s dive deep into some of our best season preview content so far.







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