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CARLTON – It has been four years since James Sheetz listed his family home on


. And, aside from that one time he accidentally stumbled upon a photo of a guest wearing his tuxedo, he was pretty lucky.

“It was a hostel in the beginning, so it’s come full circle,” Sheetz said.

A sign that reads “Historic Scott House” is located at the driveway entrance to the property at 1321 County Road 4 near Carlton. Scott House is visible in the background, to the left of the panel.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

The historic Scott House, located on Lac La Belle, was built in 1859 as a coaching inn and inn on a former military road that linked Superior and Saint-Paul.

It has been owned by the Sheetz family for 80 years and, in addition to venue rentals, Sheetz hosts a multitude of private gatherings, weddings and musical performances.

Lori Bergstedt sits across from her daughter Katy Bergstedt.  Their table is covered with plates, glasses, coffee cups, a bottle of wine and flowers in a vase.  The walls are deep green and there is an old picture of Romeo and Juliet on the wall.

Lori Bergstedt chats with her daughter Katy Bergstedt as the couple wrap up a Mother’s Day meal at the historic Scott House in Carlton, Minnesota on Sunday, May 8. “If I’m not working here, singing here, then I’m just here,” said Lori Bergstedt.

Melinda Lavine/Duluth News Tribune

At a Mother’s Day event on Sunday, the first floor was packed with guests finishing their meals with cake and coffee.

“If I’m not working here, singing here, then I’m just here,” Cloquet’s Lori Bergstedt said.

She has performed at the Scott House for the past 10 years, in addition to hosting her 60th birthday, wedding and baby showers. “It’s just a gem,” she added.

Katy Bergsted joined her mother at the Scott House for years to enjoy musical homages to the 50s, 60s and Broadway. “Whatever Jim imagines, we’re in it,” Bergstedt said, adding that it’s become a community gathering place.

James Sheetz visits guests at a private Mother's Day event at the Historic Scott House on Sunday, May 8, 2022 in Carlton, Minnesota.

James Sheetz visits guests at a private Mother’s Day event at the Historic Scott House.

Melinda Lavine/Duluth News Tribune

Sheetz, whose full-time gig is as music director at two churches in Cloquet, also hosts small vocal ensembles, instrumentalists and professionals.

Sheetz is a much-loved and ever-supportive member of our musical community, said Sarah Lawrence, General Artistic Director of Lyric Opera of the North. He has great ideas and a great instinct for making people feel welcome, she continued.

Sarah Lawrence smiles for a photo

Sarah Lawrence

Contributed / Sarah Lawrence

LOON and Sheetz have collaborated on several events, and Lawrence herself has performed in the main house, the shed, and outside on the grounds.

“The beauty of the place makes it feel like a real escape,” she said.

In the late 1800s, the farm was used as a vegetable farm. In 1869, the building that would become the Scott House was constructed.

Walter and Minnie Scott owned the land from 1910 to 1937. Sheetz’s grandparents purchased the farm in 1942. His parents took possession in 1949, and Sheetz grew up on the land, the youngest of four.

man with his hands on a chair

Standing in the dining room of the historic Scott House, Jim Sheetz rests his hands on a chair and talks about some of his childhood memories in the house.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

Sheetz has been a Titanic enthusiast since he was 9 years old. He remembers sinking a red plastic boat and pretending his inner tube was a lifeboat in the lake.

Sheetz’s brother designed and built a tree house in the garden. Her grandmother kept a patch of raspberries, which Sheetz and her siblings “invaded,” and her mother baked pies from locally grown blueberries.

A claw foot tub is in the second floor bathroom of the Historic Scott House.

A claw foot tub is in the second floor bathroom.

Melinda Lavine/Duluth News Tribune

Sheetz met with Scott House’s descendants, who shared letters and images offering visual and written descriptions of the space.

From there he began renovations in 2000, where he removed the first floor ceilings and walls. He added new windows, improved the electrical system, heating, plumbing and replaced the original woodwork that had been removed.

He added French doors and moved the staircase, aiming to restore it to as much of its original state as possible.

man pointing down

Jim Sheetz points out the home’s original floor, which sits inside a closet in the dining room of the historic Scott House near Carlton.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

During the rebuild, Sheetz found 100-year-old coins, a closet, the remains of a long-lost cat and hundreds of cherry pits – a reminder of when a cherry paw went missing. overnight.

“My dad always said it was a pack rat, but probably a squirrel or a chipmunk got into the house,” Sheetz recalled.

A table and chairs inside a screened-in window with a yard and a lake in the background

Inside the screen behind Scott’s historic home. The screen has a view of Lac La Belle.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

In the back yard are a set of canoes, a screened porch and the carriage shed that can accommodate 50 people.

“They had big barns in that area. The horses were taken back to the lake to water, and that was their little trail,” Sheetz said.

Towards the water, a sign reads “Dale’s Trail” with the image of a loon. It’s a tribute to Sheetz’s childhood friend who died at the age of 27. “His mother was honored by it.”

Sheetz recently sold his house across the lake, so he could move back to his childhood home.

bedroom Historic Scott House.jpg

The historic Scott House has two bedrooms and a full kitchen.

Melinda Lavine/Duluth News Tribune

Room rentals will end in August, but in the past four years it has seen visitors from Arkansas, Maine, Ireland and Norway.

Despite his current address in San Francisco, Cloquet-raised Tom DeCaigny’s first visit was at a wedding in 2018, and he’s been a recurring guest ever since.

Tom DeCaigny poses for a photo outside the historic Scott House in Carlton.  There is greenery behind him and an almost empty wine glass on the table next to him.

Tom De Caigny

Contributed / Tom DeCaigny

“My partner and I travel regularly for business and pleasure and have visited a number of vacation homes and hotels around the world. … The Scott House is one of our favorite destinations,” DeCaigny said.

“It rivals homes we have stayed in in Venice, Italy and other parts of the world due to its unique character and charm, and the warm and personalized hospitality of its owner.”

The man is gesturing with his right hand

Standing in the living room, owner Jim Sheetz gestures with his right hand while describing the objects that decorate the room.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

Scott's historic home near Carlton

The historic Scott House near Carlton seen from the driveway.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

A light fixture suspended from the ceiling

A light fixture inside the entryway features part of the home’s old steel ceiling before renovations.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

a hinge on a door

An original hinge on a door inside Scott’s historic home. The house dates from the 1860s.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

A grandfather clock

A grandfather clock in the dining room seen on May 5.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

A piano and works of art

A piano in a corner of the living room, near the dining room, of the Historic Scott House.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

A man sitting and a book on a table

Jim Sheetz talks about the historic Scott House as he sits in the home’s entryway. On a mirrored table in front of him is a copy of the book called “Scott House Memories”, which he co-wrote with Marlene Wisuri.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

fly swatters hanging on a wall

A collection of fly swatters decorates a wall above the stairs leading to the basement.

Dan Williamson/Duluth News Tribune

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