casa açucena rises fifteen meters above the ground and lives in a forest in brazil

casa açucena lives in the rainforest in brazil

Residential Casa Açucena rises fifteen meters across stilts penetrated into the earth and resides in the heart of a forest in Brazil. Architecture studio Tetro studies integration with nature, the use of exposed materials and the exploration of empty spaces, placing its clients in the tradition of modern Brazilian architecture as a starting point before branching out to testing the limits of contemporary architecture. For Casa Açucena, architects Carlos Maia, Débora Mendes and Igor Macedo saw the steep slope not as a challenge but as an advantage to maximize the gifts of nature that surrounds the land of the project.

A place immersed in the lush nature of the Atlantic Rainforest, the terrain thrives with tall leafy trees, foliage, shrubs, birds and wildlife and features a topography with a steep slope, characteristic of the Nova Lima region. in Minas Gerais. This is where the trio decided to insert Casa Açucena, in the heart of nature, to feed the residents’ thirst for sanctuary and serenity. Trees and branches almost touch the architecture, concealing the house at first glance. The generous windows that line the square structure reflect the images of nature outside, blurring the spaces only with the glass materials. The architects were first attentive to the needs of the place before putting it on the table to discuss with the inhabitants.

Upon first contact with the terrain, they saw the need to maintain the natural feature and wondered how they could build a place with such steep topography while still maintaining contact with nature. They wondered how they could give its residents the daily experience of looking up and seeing the sky through the treetops. As they sought to answer these questions, they attempted to raise the house fifteen meters above ground level to induce the act of looking upwards from the ground and tree canopy upwards. sky. The move is a testament to the trio’s architectural practice of carefully studying places and the conditions presented by the location and the clients before fusing them together in a way that works well with nature.

Pictures by Jomar Braganza | @jomarbraganca

the casa açucena rises fifteen meters above the ground

The signature of Casa Açucena lies in the white hue of the exterior and the sometimes pointed ends of the structure. It zigzags as the residents move from one end to the other, maze-like, but minimal, direct, and helpful in terms of an area’s functions. Drink with concrete combined with warm light charge the interior with a quiet pull that prompts residents to slow down and savor their surroundings. Padding the space seems necessary with the abundance of light and spaciousness, thanks also to the high ceiling and the windows that mark the construction of the house.

Soft, heavy curtains block the view if necessary, perhaps to cocoon residents in privacy if needed, but they also add to the elegance and softness of the design. Upon entering the chamber, residents can slide the windows to remove any obstacles between them and the forest. In the bathroom, a solitary bathtub placed next to the windows invites you to immerse your body in a well-deserved meditative bath while enjoying the view. Nature appears here, there and everywhere, and watching the swaying of the trees while listening to the rustle of foliage ease the weight of a burden.

Imagine working from home, but inside Casa Açucena: hourly calls and meetings end with a sip of your favorite drink while shoulders lean on the window frames, gazing at the offer of the nature and soaking up its relief. As the house curves, the landscape changes with the raised patio just outside the first block of the house. The wooden floor pays homage to the Earth’s raw materials, while the maximized space invites gatherings and parties within the humble abode. Not far from the area, a geometric pool sits, encouraging anyone to take a dip and rise above the water to see the sheer grace of the greenery. Casa Açucena challenges indulgence in the luxury of living through flashy possessions as it prides itself on the classic feel of visiting its vacation home outside of a city.

casa açucena rises fifteen meters above the ground and lives in a forest in brazil
Casa Açucena rises fifteen meters above the ground and lives in a forest in Brazil

casa açucena adapts to the terrain

The architects understood that the architecture of the house had to adapt to the terrain and not the other way around. The house rises above the ground, without interfering with the flora and fauna that grow below. The program is shaped by occupying the empty spaces between the trees, and the architects recall that no trees were removed during the design of the house and that the topography remains the same. For the trio, art and nature flow in perfect harmony once they witness completion. Call it an artist residency or a designer retreat, Casa Açucena caters to the much-needed state of thought and creativity.“From that moment, no choice or design decision was made by the taste or the will of the architects. Everything is an answer and aims to reinforce a concept,’ the architects to share.

The house, in its white color, is a surprise for those who arrive. Its randomly placed black pillars blend into the trunks, making the house appear to float. Its fluid plan, the result of the occupation of the house among the trees, and its openings and folds in the slab, to reach the view of the treetops, generate the volumetry. The architecture is harmoniously inserted next to the natural vegetation but maintains its presence, and surprise and novelty are values ​​inherent in art, as architects say. Casa Açucena stands like a white flower in the middle of nature, imbuing anyone who enters it with the scent of thirst for calm, wildlife and tranquility.

casa açucena rises fifteen meters above the ground and lives in a forest in brazil
Architecture studio Tetro studies integration with nature

casa açucena rises fifteen meters above the ground and lives in a forest in brazil
The grounds of Casa Açucena thrive with tall leafy trees, foliage, shrubs, birds and wildlife

casa açucena rises fifteen meters above the ground and lives in a forest in brazil
The bathroom of Casa Açucena

casa açucena rises fifteen meters above the ground and lives in a forest in brazil
The dining and kitchen area of ​​Casa Açucena

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