Who is Izzy Drake? The ‘Fake Drake’ wants to box Real Drake for $1 million

Drake may be scratching his head for his doppelganger, who goes by the name Izzy Drake, to challenge him to a million dollar celebrity boxing match. Not only that, the “Fake Drake” also claims that he would stop impersonating Drake if he lost. Read on to find out who this Izzy Drake is, a Drake lookalike who has amassed around 150,000 Instagram followers.

Who is Izzy Drake?

Izzy Drake is not a scammer as he claims Drake’s consent to impersonate him. Also known as “Fake Drake”, Izzy Drake claims he makes $5,000 on every show performing Drake songs at various clubs. The Toronto native is 22 years old and quite famous on Instagram and Twitter with “Fake Drake” videos.

The Drake impersonator has recently attended several events designed to trick members of the public into confusing him with the multi-platinum Canadian star, including nightclub appearances.

A while back, two of his videos performing Drake songs at a club in Miami were released in which he was seen performing “Trophies” in the first clip and “Way 2 Sexy” in the next clip. We heard him say:

“Is Drizzy really there?” No, you’re dizzy,” he told clubgoers in Miami. “I’m originally from Toronto. I exploded when I arrived here six days ago. I appeared in Tory Lanez’s story. We just get rid of this shit because it’s all part of God’s plan. Due to the notoriety he gained from posting these films on Instagram, he claims to be touring under the name “Fake Drake”.

Not only that, he even claimed in an interview that people message him and ask him to come to their events because Drake is too expensive. He says, “Just for coming, I will pay you $5,000. They organize everything, even pay for my Airbnb and my plane ticket. Izzy says he Facetimed Drake to congratulate him on his new video.

Although her source is questionable, Izzy also claims to have Drake’s genuine endorsement. He also revealed that he knows a knowledgeable professional gambler in Las Vegas who knows Drake well. The player once asked Drake what he thought of “Fake Drake” performing on the streets. He claims that Drake replied:

” That does not bother me ; it doesn’t affect me,” when he got in touch with him. Let him get his bag. I’m not affected by it. Just keep the peace if you think posting it and all is going to go wrong. I’m just modest; I just do what I do. I do this for my family because I have children.

A challenge for the real Drake…

Fake Drake has now taken a step ahead to meet its demands. Izzy challenged the real Drake to a $1 million celebrity boxing match and vowed to stop impersonating the Toronto rapper if he loses. Well, apart from the winning amount, he also asked for a deal with Drake’s label OVO if he wins.

Speaking on the We in Miami podcast, Fake Drake said: “I challenge Drake to a boxing match. I just signed with Celebrity Boxing. If you win, I’ll change my name from Izzy Drake to just Izzy, you know. FYI, Izzy previously claimed that Drake copied her style. Hard to swallow, isn’t it?

On Wednesday June 29, Celebrity Boxing’s Damon Feldman confirmed that Fake Drake had been signed up for a fight, revealing the match had been booked for August 27. Well, there’s been no word from Drake, who is one of the best-selling musical artists. Now the fact is, should he even care about this doppelganger?

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