CCTV cameras installed in Christchurch underpass

Cameras have been installed inside and at the entrances to the underpass that connects the town center and Bargates.

A sign warning of surveillance cameras has also been added at the top of the steps leading to the metro.

Bournemouth Echo: cameras face both directions inside the underpassCameras face both directions inside the underpass (Picture: NQ)

The local authority said it was one of its priorities to ensure that anyone living, visiting or working in the conurbation “feels safe”.

Councilor Bobbie Dove, Community Safety Portfolio Holder, said: “We understand that crime and safety are of concern to our communities and our commitment to achieving this is reflected in our significant investment in community safety over the past year. .

“As part of our Cleaner, Greener, Safer campaign, we have secured an investment of £100,000 to improve CCTV in urban areas, with an additional £60,000 for increased CCTV monitoring.

Bournemouth Echo: The sign before the entrance to the underpassThe sign before the entrance to the underpass (Picture: NQ)

“As part of this ongoing project, we have worked in partnership with Dorset Police and our local communities to identify specific areas where CCTV coverage will help provide a reassuring presence and improve the safety of local people.

“New cameras have already been installed in Bournemouth Central Gardens and Kingsland Crescent in Poole.”

The installation of CCTV cameras in Christchurch took place on Tuesday 15 November.

The Daily Echo has approached Dorset Police for comment.

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