CES 2023 liveblog: Piano drones, Twisty laptops and more than 80 other highlights

Victrola Flux Onyx

Photo: Victrola

Have you ever found yourself wanting to get into vinyl but not all cables and preamps? Victrola has the simplest solution for you: the Onyx Flux. It’s actually a slightly cheaper version of the Stream Carbon announced in November 2022.

These turntables are part of the “Works with Sonos programso they can connect wirelessly and stream music to your Sonos devices. The Onyx loses the carbon fiber tonearm in favor of aluminum, and the control knob – which can control the volume of your Sonos speakers while playing vinyl – the inlay and plinth are made of plastic instead of metal. It also comes with a slightly cheaper cartridge, the Audio Technica VM-95. It looks slick and performs almost as well, but these changes mean you can get the Onyx for $599 instead of $799. Yay!

Simply connect the Onyx in the Victrola app to the Sonos app, start a recording and you’re good to go. It supports auto-stop functionality, so it won’t keep spinning when you reach the end zone. It’s available for pre-order on January 7 and ships in February.

Victrola Bluetooth Speaker

Victrola Music Edition 2 Bluetooth speaker

Photo: Victrola

Victrola also entered the Bluetooth speaker market in December 2022 and I had the chance to listen to its Music Edition 2. It delivers clear, crisp highs and doesn’t sound too low, and it gets surprisingly loud for its size. They’re sleek metal speakers with a retro design, and they’re IP67 rated to withstand splashing water and submersion.

The Music Edition 2 costs $200 and its surface doubles as a wireless charger (love to see multifunctional products!), and the Music Edition 1 costs $100 and is much more practical. They are already on sale.

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