Chase extends Airbnb’s Money Back points offer

Sometimes transferring to partners and finding the availability of rewards can be quite a pain. I probably don’t even need to mention that hotel prices are high these days and the availability of hotel rewards can be very difficult.

You’ve heard from us about the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and the extreme value that can be gained by collecting Chase Currency Ultimate Rewards points. But, one perk that isn’t discussed as often is the “Get Your Money Back” feature that sometimes offers promotions for specific categories.

Since most of the universe has the low-cost Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, this is an important perk to remember when you’ve exhausted other potential miles and points hotel booking options. .

Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Book Airbnb 25%

“Get your money back” on Airbnb until December 31, 2022

That’s right, until 12/31/22, you can choose to use your Ultimate Rewards points to “refund” yourself with 25% more points. This would be equivalent in value to booking travel through the Chase travel portal.

Chase has extended the bonus and ability to use your Ultimate Rewards points for Airbnb from the original expiration date of September 30, 2022.

For the Chase Sapphire Preferred, you would get 1.25 cents per point, while the Chase Sapphire Reserve would redeem you at a rate of 1.50 cents per point.

The simple math is that a $1,000 Airbnb purchase would cost a Chase Sapphire Preferred cardholder 80,000 points and a Reserve cardholder 66,666 points.

Why is this a better option than redeeming hotel points?

Aside from the fact that you would need to find availability for the exact room category on the exact dates, multiple rooms can be a drag when exchanging for a group or family.

Using a room in a hotel or resort isn’t a big deal when you only have one or two people staying in the accommodation, but as soon as you have more people it often means you need to use multiple rooms .

Airbnb now offers a wide variety of accommodations, including luxury accommodations, castles, historic homes, beachfronts, and ski-in ski-out multi-bedroom options. These options solve the family or multi-room group trip.

Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Book Airbnb 25% - yacht airbnb
When your Airbnb is really a yacht!

Boat rental and experiences

What if you stayed on a boat? Although the boat remains docked, you can often hire one within minutes of the action. An example could be rent a boat near the action in miami south beach. Of course, the yacht remains moored, but it’s a very good idea when several rooms in South Beach are very expensive. You can also pay extra for a ride with a licensed captain.

Another thing not to overlook are Airbnb Experiences. Even if you don’t need to rent an Airbnb, you might be interested in buying experiences while on vacation. It’s a great way to get a discount on some neat vacation experiences.

Chase Get your money back

How can I reimburse myself?

The beauty and simplicity of Chase “Pay Yourself Back” is that you simply complete the Airbnb purchase using your Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve Card. Once the charges are paid (posted) to your account, you can choose the “Get Repaid” option on the Chase Ultimate Rewards page.

The only caveat is that you must post the fees by December 31, 2022. Of course, you could book something on Airbnb until 2023. It might be a good idea to try to complete all transactions a few days before the end . of 2022 since you wouldn’t want a charge released after December 31st.

Even if the “hunt” for your hotel loyalty program has failed, there are still a number of great opportunities on Airbnb using your Ultimate Rewards points.

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