Cheap places to travel 2023: Favorable exchange rates make these destinations cheap places to travel

The value of the South African rand has fluctuated a lot over the past few years, but we are quite happy with its current situation. (For comparison, one US dollar only got you ZAR 8.57 ten years ago.) Stretch those dollars across the Test kitchenThe tasting menu of 21 dishes from The capthen head to the desert at Singita Castleton Lodge in the Sabi Sand game reserve.

Traditional stilt fishermen in Sri Lanka

Daria Dyachenko/Unsplash

Sri Lanka

1 USD = SLR 365.65

The Sri Lankan rupee has slowly become more and more favorable over the past two decades, but it completely skyrocketed in the last year (one dollar converted to 201 SLR in February, and now look where we are). We are more excited than ever to explore this incredible island nation, where you can see verdant tea plantations, Buddhist temples, golden beaches and elephant sanctuaries on a memorable journey.

Costa Rica

1 USD = 593.31 CRC

The Costa Rican colón has depreciated a little in recent months, but it is still favorable to American travelers. Then there’s the fact that the country’s best asset (ie its natural beauty) is largely free to enjoy. From trekking through tropical cloud forests in the Alajuela Mountains to surfing off the Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica is one of the best countries in the world for outdoor adventure. (And the the hotels are pretty goodtoo.)


$1 = COP 4,778.33

Colombia looks like a microcosm of South America’s best features, encompassing Andean peaks, Amazon jungles and sandy beaches within its borders. Besides the lure of nature, major cities across the country are experiencing a renaissance in food, art, and technology, but it’s still one of the most affordable places for Americans to visit right now. .


$1 = PHP55.60

have never been do not dreaming of island hopping in the Philippines. It’s hard to believe that places like Palawan and Siargao are so economically accessible, considering they are some of the most beautiful places on earth. Even five-star resorts like Shangri La Boracay can be booked for less than $350 per night, which is all we need to book a trip right now.

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