The incredible garden center that Molly-Mae Hague loves


‘It’s incredible. I don’t know why we never came here before’

Don’t ask us when that happens, but there is a time in life when your favorite place on earth becomes a garden center.

And garden centers don’t get any more sophisticated than Bents Garden Centre, a huge sprawl of a building filled with the obvious stuff (like, you know, garden plants) but also so much more.

the Warrington favorite is never more popular than at Christmaswhen it turns into a shimmering wonderland and people from all over the northwest make the pilgrimage.

Colorful decorations spring from every corner, from themed balls to fairy lights to festive upholstery.

Bents Garden Center makes do not Hold back from its decoration – this year alone there are alpine dining scenes, a life-size car with gifts spilling out of the trunk and an arctic landscape with polar bears, snowmen and igloos.

There’s also a winter food market, where wooden pavilions sell everything from Yorkshire pudding wraps to bratwurst sausages and beef brisket sandwiches.

Outside there are heated dining globes decorated with plants, blankets and streamers.

The Bents garden center is so popular that it even had a pretty famous visitor this holiday season, when Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury spent a day outside, documenting it all for her. 1.7 million YouTube the subscribers.

the old the island of love couple, who are expecting their first child, have come to pick up their Christmas tree decorations.

She proudly showed off a cart full of food-themed balls in the shape of cakes, donuts, gingerbread men, candy canes and even a giant pink lollipop.

She said, β€œDon’t ask me why we’ve never been here before. It’s so comfortable.

Molly-Mae added: β€œThis garden centre, Bents, to I think Warrington, it’s amazing. I don’t know why we have never been here before.

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β€œIt’s kind of like a farm shop too, they have food and food stalls. I’m so excited to be back here with a baby next year, like it’s so special.

“It’s quite expensive, I’m not going to lie, to get all the decorations and stuff, but we’ll keep them every year and reuse them.”

Featured image: Bents Garden Center / YouTube


More than 12 million Britons think Yorkshire puddings are part of your Christmas dinner

Sergeant Emily
Sergeant Emily

More than 12 million Britons would say your Christmas dinner needs a side of Yorkshire puddings, a new survey has revealed.

The new survey performed by the Next retailer – who surveyed a total of 2,000 Britons about their Christmas dining and tableware habits – found that millions of people are straying from the beaten path when it comes to, which we can all agree, one of biggest and warmest meal of the year.

It turns out that the British like a lot of unusual items on our Christmas dinner plate.

Some of the more obscure findings from the survey are that two million people admitted to eating onion rings with their turkey and sprouts, and an additional 5% (3.4 million) of Britons like to eat a bit of fruit sea ​​on Christmas day.

A surprising 4% (2.7million) of people admitted they like to add ketchup to their Christmas plate – with mac and cheese, crisps and sweetcorn also making the top 10.

More than 12 million Britons think Yorkshire puddings are part of your Christmas dinner / Credit: Rumman Amin (via Unsplash)

If all that wasn’t crazy enough, probably one of the most shocking stats from the survey is the fact that a whopping 1.4 million people even said they wouldn’t consider it a dinner party. Christmas without the addition of baked beans. .

But when it comes to Christmas dinner, there’s probably one debate that’s more important than all, and has yet to be settled – do yorkshire do puddings have their place on your Christmas plate or not?

Well, 12.7 million Britons think they do, and we reckon a good chunk of that number is made up of us northerners.

The UK’s 10 best non-traditional Christmas food items

  1. Yorkshire puddings (19% – 12.7 million)
  2. Bread sauce (5% – 3.4 million)
  3. Seafood (5% – 3.4 million)
  4. Ketchup (4% – 2.7 million)
  5. Mac and cheese (3% – 2 million)
  6. Onion rings (3% – 2 million)
  7. Tokens (2% – 1.2 million)
  8. Bread (2% – 1.2 million)
  9. Sweet corn (2% – 1.2 million)
  10. Beans (2% – 1.2 million)

While previous research has shown that the most common dishes at a British Christmas dinner are roast potatoes and gravy, these latest statistics reveal that some people just like to do things a little differently.

Millions of people go off the beaten path for Christmas dinner, a new survey has revealed / Credit: Lisa Baker (via Unsplash)

But no matter how you like to eat it, a delicious Christmas dinner will always be something to celebrate, right?

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Now it will soon be time to go back to yours.

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Drivers should expect ‘long queues’ as millions hit the roads this Christmas weekend

Sergeant Emily
Sergeant Emily

Drivers are being told to expect and be prepared for long queues across the UK as millions are set to hit the roads above the Christmas weekend.

With the festive season generally known to make the country’s roads busier than usual, but this year congestion is expected to be affected more due to the ongoing strike by thousands of RMT union members at Network Rail – meaning train services with an end around 3pm on Christmas Eve – The AA has now issued a warning to anyone taking a trip this weekend.

The AA says it expects today (December 23) to be the busiest day on the roads this week, with around 16.9million journeys made across the UK.

On top of that, another 16.6 million is then expected to be made on Christmas Eve.

Drivers should expect ‘long queues’ as millions hit the roads this Christmas weekend/Credit: The AA

Along with the AA’s warning, the RAC has also revealed when it expects the roads to be busiest and which roads are likely to be most affected.

The roads are expected to be busiest between 10am and 7pm today (Friday), which for many is the last working day before Christmas, while roads designated as likely to be most affected by congestion include the M25, the M60 near Manchesterthe M6 ​​in the North West of England and the M40 in Oxfordshire.

Nor are the rail strikes the only industrial action set to affect traffic on the roads, with people traveling by air also being told to expect delays as Border Force personnel at several major airports in the Kingdom. -United – including Manchester Airport – are currently on strike during the holidays too.

Of course, this Christmas also being the first in recent years not to be affected by COVID-19[feminine] restrictions and social distancing measures in place, transport analytics firm Inrix said it expects journey times to be around 14% longer compared to the same period last year thanks to the post-pandemic traffic figures.

More than 33 million journeys are expected to be made in the next three days / Credit: iStock

In a bid to ease festive traffic, National Highways has confirmed that nearly 98% of England’s motorways and major A-roads will be fully open until the end of January 2 due to the completion and lifting of restrictions. road works.

“We advise those driving out to be prepared for traffic jams,” said Jack Cousens, head of traffic policy at The AA.

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“Railway strikes have convinced more people to travel by car this year, and although hundreds of miles of roadworks have been cut to ease the pain, that may not be enough to keep the queues away. “

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said there will be “two frantic days of travel just before Christmas”.

The featured image – Vladimir Proskurovsky (via Unsplash)

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