Chloe Fineman finds her way

Known for impersonating Britney Spears and Nicole Kidman, saturday night live Cast member Chloe Fineman is finding her way to the big screen…alongside a few major co-stars.

The basics

  • Age: 34

  • New York vs. LA: The other day someone said, “LA is boring heaven and New York is fun hell.”

  • Favorite NYC food: Rubirosa’s pizza.

  • Jobs before your big break: By mistake, I taught hip-hop to children.

  • Average sleep during SNL season: Four hours.

Men’s Journal: Babylon features Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt…and you. Is this the epic, boozy, brassy Hollywood send-off of the 1920s what does it sound like?

Chloe Fineman: He is! I play Marion Davies, silent film star and longtime mistress of William Randolph Hearst. What I shot was a big plot point that I don’t want to give away. But I can say that I met Brad Pitt. I was in a chair napping and drooling. Then someone nudged me. I opened my eyes and Brad Pitt was in front of me saying hello. And I’m covered in drool. It was awesome.

Did Your Drool Help You Land A Role In Francis Ford Coppola’s $100 Million Self-Funded Passion Project Megalopolis?

Ha, no. Dustin Hoffman and Adam Driver star in the film. So it’s just crazy to be part of the cast. The plot was described to me as delving into what really happened in ancient Rome and reflecting that in today’s world.

I’m also in White noise– now I’m just bragging – which is Noah Baumbach’s new movie. It recently had its premiere and I was dying to go. But then I found myself hanging in a harness 30 feet in the air dressed as Nicole Kidman doing an SNL commercial parody of her iconic AMC ad. Poor me.

You nail Kidman. What’s the secret ?

To make a good impression, you have to find what makes you laugh about the person, or what charms you. For me, it’s the voice and the gesture. And then I watch a ton of YouTube videos. The more you look at a celebrity, the more you notice something about them. Getting the right impression is usually just a bunch of trial and error.

The biggest difference between making a movie and making SNL?

Time. The movie is hurry up and wait. SNL is hurry up and hurry up.

There’s been a lot of hand twisting to eight SNL cast members leaving this year.

The people who left were amazing. But the show has always been to regenerate. They felt like seniors and I felt like a freshman when I started. I now have a role as a guidance counsellor. I’m always in a plaid or a cardigan, so I’m just giving off guidance energy. The only way to understand how things work at SNL is to ask a million people, “Where am I going?” What do I do now?” So I’m answering questions from all these new boys who are around 23 years old. Day to day, SNL is basically an office job because we’re in an office and have a job It’s not the 70s.

It might not be the 70s, but are after-show parties still getting wild and crazy?

I go to after parties. And then always, without fail, I look at my phone and it’s 4 o’clock in the morning. The first party I went to after the initial Covid-19 outbreak was Dave Chappelle’s when Trump lost the election. I almost didn’t go, but I got a phone call from my mom who said, “You get in that car and you’re going to that party. It’s Dave fucking Chappelle! So I had to go.

Did comics like Chappelle inspire you to join the Groundlings, LA’s famous improv troupe?

No, being a failed actor yes. And I wanted to date someone funny. Also, my dad did improv when I was growing up. But mostly going into the Groundlings was a way to fill the black hole that lives in LA and not knowing what you’re doing.

How long did the lean years last?

It’s almost too embarrassing to answer. Basically, I’d say my entire 20s because I’ve SNL at 30 years old. The struggle is real, but you have to keep the faith.

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