Citizens of Ukraine and Belarus will be able to submit applications for national visas in Poland from September 22

The Polish government has updated information on the submission of visa applications to Poland by Ukrainian and Belarusian citizens residing in the country and announced that applications for national visas can be submitted online once registration for the submission of applications has started.

In one of its most recent press releases, the government revealed that registration for the submission of domestic visa applications will begin on September 22. reports.

In addition, the government stressed that applications should be submitted at one of the visa application reception points located in Warsaw, Poznań and Lublin.

Considering the high number of people who may be interested in submitting visa applications, the government has noted that the waiting time for registration may be extended.

“Due to the great interest in the possibility of submitting visa applications, the waiting time for check-in may be extended. Employees at the visa application acceptance points and the helpline will make every effort to ensure that the service for visa applicants is efficient and competent. says the government statement.

At the same time, he stressed that those who are not registering for visa applications should follow the website and the new application registration deadlines.

As previously announced by SchengenVisaInfo.comAccording to the country’s current rules for issuing national visas to foreigners staying in Poland, only certain specific groups of Ukrainian and Belarusian nationals are allowed to submit their applications.

According to the government, the group of people eligible to submit national visa applications includes citizens of Ukraine and Belarus who need the visa to be able to participate in international transport activities.

Additionally, Ukrainian citizens who need a visa to work as pilots or other crew members can also submit applications. In addition, Belarusian citizens who cannot return to their country for security reasons as well as those who resided in Ukraine before February 24 can also submit applications for a national visa.

Previously, reported that Poland now applies increased fees for documents issued to foreigners. All nationals of other countries who request the issuance as well as the replacement of documents, are required to pay higher fees since July 29.

The fee for Polish travel documents issued to foreigners has increased to 3500 PLN (€74.80). Additionally, the fee for Polish identity documents issued to nationals of other countries has increased to 100 PLN (€21.37).

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