City of Lubbock plans to renovate bathrooms at local parks

The City of Lubbock says it plans to renovate several bathrooms in local parks over a period of years.

In April 2022, KAMC News reported that the bathrooms in the Lubbock parks had not been touched since October 2021. The bathrooms in the parks were described as having no doors, dirty toilets and unusable mirrors. Lubbock Parks and Recreation was aware of the need for renovation.

NowSince there is funding from the American Rescue Plan Act, the City of Lubbock is pushing for the bathroom renovations to happen as soon as possible.

Parks and Recreation Development Manager Kalee Robinson said:

With the new funding from ARPA, we were able to present seven different projects to the city council that we believe would benefit the city and the community as a whole, and we know our restrooms are high on the priority list. .

She says that of the park’s 35 bathrooms at local parks, 5 of them are going to be completely replaced. 7 of them are to be renovated.

For bathrooms without cabin doors, curtains will be placed for temporary privacy before these bathrooms are demolished.

The town of Lubbock is still in the development phase, so updates will be given later when the plan has been finalized.


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