Colorado’s oldest trees have lived for thousands of years

Both tourists and locals love to drive along the Mount Evans Scenic and Historic Route to admire the breathtaking views offered by the highest paved road in North America, but there is another natural attraction up there that is also worth stopping.

Not only are they interesting to look at, but the groves of Rocky Mountain bristlecone pines found in this area are the oldest living trees in Colorado. These trees, in particular, have lived since the time of the Roman Empire, about 1,500 years ago. Bristlecone pines can be identified by their unique appearance, which includes gnarled trunks, gnarled branches, and shiny green needles that grow in bundles of five.

These lanky trees are able to withstand harsh elements, like strong winds and dry Colorado soil, which is why they have stood there for so long. In fact, it is sometimes the wind that gives trees their shape. Unusual bristlecone positions vary depending on location and day-to-day conditions.

According to First Gentleman Marlon Reis, Rocky Mountain bristlecones are also quite rare. In addition to an isolated population in northern Arizona, they are found only below the tree line in a narrow band from central Colorado to northern New Mexico.

The Centennial State oldest known bristlecone pine The tree is believed to be at least 2,461 years old and is near the town of Craig. You can also visit these trees at Windy Ridge Bristlecone Pine Scenic area.

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