Construction underway in Flint Hills to turn a grain silo into an Airbnb

MARION, Kan. (KWCH) – If you’re looking for a weekend getaway in the Flint Hills, you’ll soon be able to book a staycation at One Place. A nearly 100-year-old silo is being transformed into an Airbnb.

Gerald Wiens describes a stay in the Flint Hills as peaceful, quiet, and a place to go if you just want to relax and unwind for a few days.

He built a log home on the property in 2017 and has used it as an Airbnb to host hundreds of visitors over the past few years. Now he’s been inspired to turn the silo into a vacation spot.

“(The) thought process continued and it was decided well, we are going to add something a little bit different. And so we decided to undertake this silo conversion project,” Wiens said.

Mondays are devoted to transformation work inside the silo. During the construction process, Wiens and his family had to climb three different ladders to work on the four distinct levels of the silo. The roof will be added by crane in the next few days, and a stairwell is planned for the future. The top of the silo is estimated to be 45 feet high. The cost of transformation is about 70-80 thousand dollars.

While some had doubts, the grandson and co-owner of Wiens is all for it.

“Most of my friends are architecture students so they think it’s cool. They want to know more, see pictures, I mean I did some drawings and they just want to see it all,” Carter Wiens said.

Construction of the silo is expected to be completed in 2023. An overnight stay will cost you around $150 per night. If you want to know more, you can visit paw print booth.

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