Cost of living crisis is driving people to become Airbnb hosts, survey finds

A recent Airbnb study of over 70,000 EU hosts and guests reveals for the first time that the cost of living crisis is driving people to host on Airbnb.

According to this analysis, more than 40% of hosts in the EU say the reception has helped them cover rising costs for food and other essentials. Meanwhile, more than a third say extra income helps them to live on, reports.

In 2021, the typical EU host earned over €3,000, which equates to two months of extra payment for the average EU family.

The vast majority of Hosts are ordinary people and three-quarters of EU Hosts share only one listing. Nearly 1 in 5 European Hosts or a member of their household works in education or health. More than half are women, more than half work full-time or part-time and more than a quarter are retired. the statement released by Airbnb reads.

In addition, the survey also shows that the rising cost of living is driving customers to seek out more affordable family trips on Airbnb.

Last year, another study by Oxford Economics found that Airbnb travel supports nearly 345,000 jobs in the EU and generates almost €19 billion in GDP contribution through customer spending.

In this regard, Airbnb Policy Director Juliette Langlais said that as the cost of living crisis continues, ordinary Europeans across the bloc are boosting their incomes by opening their homes on Airbnb.

“Airbnb supports the EU’s work to update its rules and has put forward proposals that would unlock the benefits of accommodation for families across the EU while cracking down on speculators and giving governments the tools they need. need”, she also added.

The EU, in this situation, is consulting on harmonized EU rules for short-term rents which can unlock the benefits of waiting as the cost of living has also risen and families are looking for new ways to boost their incomes .

Due to local rules that can be difficult and disproportionate, EU citizens are currently unable to take advantage of the economic opportunities that home sharing offers.

For example, in response to the EU consultation, Airbnb submitted proposals to the EU Hospitality Action Plan, which the company launched in response to the European Commission’s consultation on the initiative short term rental.

According to Airbnb, these rules encourage the reception of ordinary Europeans while suppressing speculators and giving governments the tools they need to tackle problems related to superstition.

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