Dog parents spend $45,000 to take their dogs on a private jet

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A Great Dane, Golden retrieverand one Dachshund reached new heights in luxury travel thanks to their dog parents. An Austin, Texas couple recently paid the canine trio to travel from the United States to Europe on a private jet trip – which make them lose $45,000.

Dog parents drop big bucks for private jet trip with puppies

Melanie Dem and her husband, Albert, have always wanted to travel to Europe with their fur babies: a 15-year-old Golden Retriever named Cooper, a 6-year-old Dachshund mix named Brooklyn and a 2-year-old Great. Dane named Lucas. In May 2020, they started planning a trip and intended to fly commercially, but chartering a private jet became necessary when they realized Lucas couldn’t travel in the cabin. a commercial flight. So they saved for two years, then sold their car and belongings, and were finally able to make this dream a reality.

The price of a private jet from the United States to Europe was a jaw-dropping $100,000, but other people joined the flight with their pets to fund the adventure.

“Getting the dogs from the US to Europe took so much planning, but we couldn’t leave them at home – we want to see the world with them,” Melanie said. SWNS.

“We planned our own charter trip and managed to find 10 other people traveling to Europe with their dogs,” she continued. “It took three months of planning and cost $11,000 per person and over $100,000 for the entire flight.”

Considering the press attention this travel company has garnered from Melanie, a media marketing consultant and content creator, it seems worth it. Nothing for instaright?

Jet set pets

This isn’t the dog-loving couple’s first big trip with puppies. The family visited France, Germany, Austria, Czechia, England and Scotland together. They even boarded trains and cars to travel from one country to another. Now they’re on the road — and in the air — until November 2023, staying in pet-friendly Airbnbs until they return to Austin.

“Now the dogs have seen Paris, Prague and Vienna, and we plan to drive in the Scottish Highlands,” Melanie said. “I think the dogs really appreciate that.”

She said the puppies love to explore new places, while she and Albert enjoy making new memories.

“Sitting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and seeing them rolling around in the grass, or at the Christmas markets where they have lots of pets, or running around on the beach in Edinburgh, it’s just amazing,” she said.

The next step on their journey? The French Riviera, Italy, Croatia and Albania.

“Being able to travel in general is something I’m very grateful for, but doing it with the dogs makes me very lucky,” Melanie said.

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