Couple accused of giving lip fillers, Botox injections without a license

metro police

Olga Girtchenko

A couple arrested in Las Vegas last week are accused of posing as medical officials and administering cosmetic injections in an apartment when they did not have a medical license, police said.

Olga and Kenny Girchenko were arrested on October 15 for acting as an unlicensed nurse, acting as an unlicensed doctor, according to a Metropolitan Police arrest report. Olga faces additional charges for obtaining money under false pretenses, court records show.

Metro received information from a woman on August 2 who asked about the unregistered nurses. The woman said she follows an Instagram account called Coco Labios, which advertises lip filling services. The woman agreed to pay for a service and was given an address for an Airbnb rental apartment in the 3500 block of Palos Verdes Street, near Twain Avenue and Paradise Road.

The woman said that on July 7, she met a woman named “Coco” and an anonymous male assistant, who was wearing medical scrubs in the apartment, and agreed to the services that were being performed that day and again on. August 2nd. The woman said that after the Aug. 2 appointment, she had an allergic reaction and a “cosmetic problem” resulting from the procedure, according to the arrest report.

The woman contacted the Nevada Nursing Board and could not find someone named Coco Labios listed as a registered nurse. She said she could no longer contact Coco as she was “constantly” changing locations, according to the arrest report.

On September 27, Metro detectives were contacted by Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford’s office regarding a possible unauthorized nurse performing medical procedures. Ongoing procedures have included injections of lip fillers and Botox, which the state says must be performed by a registered nurse at a licensed medical facility and can only be obtained with a prescription, according to the report. arrest.

Police searched social media and found the Instagram account @cocolabios, Facebook under the same name and another Facebook account, in the name of Olga Girchenko, with a link to the same Instagram account, according to the report by ‘arrest.

The Instagram account announced that Coco Labios was created in 2017, licensed and certified, and that she was a “Russian lips” specialist, according to the report. Investigators searched nationwide and Nevada nursing databases for the names of Coco Labios and Olga Girchenko, and no registered nurses came forward.

Officers were finally able to locate the couple’s exploitation at a new address in October, this time in an apartment on the 6400 block of Dinning Avenue, near Torrey Pines Drive and US 95. Police inspected the apartment on October 13 and returned the next day. to find a woman left inside and a man in a lab coat picking up a package left by a postal worker, the report said.

Police executed a search warrant later that day when the two were away from the apartment and found a hospital bed, medical supplies, hypodermic needles and business cards, according to the report. Officers were approached by two women who said they made an appointment for Botox injections.

Police carried out a roadside check on the vehicle in which the Girchenkos were seen leaving the apartment and sighted boxes of Sardenya, lip filler, several boxes of hypodermic needles, a white coat with “Coco Labios” embroidered on it and a trash bag containing used boxes of the filler, bloody gauze and used needles and gloves. Police also searched a purse belonging to Olga, in which a hotel key from a local resort was found.

Olga Girchenko was questioned by police and told them that she was only doing massages, according to the report. When told she was being questioned due to an investigation into unauthorized medical procedures taking place in the apartment she was seen leaving, she asked to speak to a lawyer.

When Kenny Girchenko was asked the same thing, he gave no answer. Asked about his relationship with Olga, he did not respond.

Police also searched the hotel room to which Olga had the key and found a “large sum of US currency” in a safe and bank statements. Police seized the money, police said.

The two men have since been released on bail and ordered not to perform any medical or cosmetic procedures, according to court records. Both have been appointed public defenders and are due to return to court in November.

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