Cozy East Leroy Treehouse voted one of the coolest Airbnbs in MI

Proving you don’t have to be a kid to love climbing a tree, this is a tree house that’s making a name for itself on the bucket list. “Michigan’s Coolest Airbnbs for 2023”.

Travel and adventure blog Have clothes will travel Position looking for the coolest and most unique Airbnbs in Michigan. From domes to yachts and even tiny houses, these are the places that make your nights a little more interesting.

To make the list is an East Leroy Airbnb that will make you feel like a kid again. The outpost is a unique treehouse with all the extra amenities for comfort inspired by a Forest Ranger lookout. From above, you can gaze out over the 65-acre farm from one of 15 handcrafted windows for miles in each direction.

The space isn’t exactly big, measuring just 14 x 14, but it comes with all the comforts you need for an amazing adventure. Guests will find a queen-size bed, a comfortable chair, a small table with 2 chairs, a buffet with a bar sink, a small refrigerator for drinks and a coffee maker. You will have to rely on the gas grill and fire pit for cooking.

If you’re worried about doing things too rough, the Outpost Treehouse offers some necessary modern conveniences such as air conditioning, a furnace, a private bathroom with shower, hot and cold running water and air conditioning. solar energy for interior lights.

Need extra space? If you have a larger group looking for a unique night out, the Outpost Treehouse also has additional sleeping space with a new “glamping” tent. Think camping with a few added benefits. Guests can enjoy staying in a 12 x 14 platform tent that has windows on 3 sides, a screened entry door and 2 beds.

Rates start at $175 a night to channel your inner child back to simple, very cool fun. To book your Park Ranger adventure, click here. Take a look at the Outpost Treehouse below.

Ready to live like a ranger? Stay at one of Michigan’s coolest Airbnbs

Ready for a really cool adventure? This unique treehouse on Airbnb comes with all the amenities inspired by a ranger gazebo. Although it may seem rustic, it has all modern conveniences – air conditioning, furnace, private bathroom with shower and hot and cold running water. There are even solar-powered interior lights. For larger groups there is an extra sleeping place in the very cool “glamping” tent. Discover your next Pure Michigan adventure!

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