Cristiano rented a large villa for 4,000 euros a week at the height of the pandemic

It is clear that these times of the coronavirus pandemic are complicated for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese is caught in the midst of the rapid expansion of the coronavirus pandemic in his country and, as a result, has been unable to return to Italy, which has drawn criticism from the start.

Reports emerged that he was going to turn his two hotels over to health workers, but that also turned out not to be entirely true, which heightened scrutiny.

His stay in Portugal continued to be full of upheavals. He trained at Madeira’s Nacional Stadium with half of Europe confined, and his partner, Georgina, was even caught shopping in Funchal while most of the country was at home.

In the past few hours, compromising new information has emerged regarding the Juventus star. According to ‘Correio da Manha’, the crack left his luxurious apartment in Funchal to spend a few days of the crisis in a bigger house. The media claim that a large villa has been rented in Cani├žal, 31 kilometers from his home.

This whim in times of Restrictions and containment will come to CR7 for 4,000 euros a week. “He felt he needed space, that it was suffocating inside those walls and that there was a big garden. And, of course, more privacy. He’s very used to a life. private and to be with the whole family, and that’s not the same thing, says the fountain.

His new house is a house with a capacity of six people and has a large garden with palm trees, all overlooking the Atlantic and with private access to the beach. According to ‘Airbnb’ the house is booked until April 24, so you can feel that Cristiano Ronaldo is think about going back to Italy soon.

At the same time, “Cuatro” echoed the words of “Diario Noticias de Portugal”, which put the star on the verge of returning to Italy. According to this Portuguese source, CR7 is fed up with criticism and wants to return to Italy, to lock up to prepare for quarantine and get in shape as quickly as possible for the return of football.

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