Discover the world’s most unique hotels for your next travel adventure

Our favorite thing about the hospitality world is that it’s constantly changing. I mean, nobody wants a boring hotel room anymore! Every year seems to bring us new and exciting options to discover and enjoy, whether completely man-made or just a little tweaked.

We love to travel and explore new countries, but where we are going to stay must also have character. Whether it’s a hotel or an Airbnb, we want our place to be a fun experience rather than just a generic room with a bed and a TV. We’ve found that there are plenty of options that fit this description!

If you are looking for a unique stay, you have come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the world’s weirdest and coolest hotels that are sure to delight your senses and make your travels memorable. Fancy a luxury stay? A trendy store? Or maybe something to really blow your mind? Check out these weird hotels – then check them off your to-do list!

Booking one or two nights in a glass igloo during your stay in Finnish Lapland is a must. Surrounded by nature, this impressive accommodation offers stays in igloos and traditional wooden chalets. It also invites customers to try the largest smoke sauna in the world! Don’t worry about how to get there: Ivalo International Airport is just 30 minutes away and the hotel offers a shuttle service. , Report

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Think of the treehouse you so desperately wanted as a child (or even as an adult) and make it spherical. Welcome to Free Spirit Spheres! Located in the rainforest of Vancouver Island, this fun hotel is the place to be if you fancy embarking on your next eco-travel adventure with all the time in the world to meditate and reconnect with nature. nature while reducing your impact to zero. , Report

Hotels Inntels Amsterdam-Zaandam, Netherlands

Located in the center of Zaandam, north of Amsterdam, this beautiful hotel has gone viral on social networks for its atypical structure made up of nearly 70 superimposed houses, rich in local history and references to the Dutch scene. The hotel has facilities for up to 350 people and surprises its guests with its distinctive design. Report

Crazy house, Dalat, Vietnam

You’ll find tons of unique hotels on this list, but Crazy House is truly a fairy tale brought to life. Located in the city of Dalat and designed by Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga, Crazy House looks like a giant tree and, at least at first, was just a personal project. The financial burden caused the architect to reconsider the destination of the building, and she then decided to transform it into a guest house in 1990.

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Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

When I read about this one, I considered planning my next Chile trip itinerary. I mean, staying in a mountain with a permanent waterfall down the side? OK. The mountain is surrounded by a huge tropical forest, so it is the best place to hike, meet fascinating animals, observe nature and fly with one of the longest zip lines in South America! , Report

Null Stern Hotel, Swiss Alps

What about a hotel without a roof, without a ceiling, without a wall, without a door and without a window? Is that crazy enough? Frank and Patrik Riklin say that to experience the true beauty of the Swiss Alps, you don’t need anything but the mountains themselves. That’s why the Null Stern Hotel will provide you with the bare minimum: a comfortable bed, two bedside tables and a bathroom nearby. A butler will be there in case you need room service.

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Hotel The Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho

Dog people, here we are! Cottonwood’s Dog Bark Park Inn, commonly known as Sweet Willy, is a famous landmark along Highway 95. This beagle-shaped bed and breakfast features cozy dog-themed rooms, a gift shop, and gallery of art with creations by Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin. You will also find a selection of dog-themed books and games to enhance your stay. It probably doesn’t need to be said, but well-behaved dogs are more than welcome!

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Das Park Hotel, Austria

Have you always dreamed of enjoying your vacation by spending the night in reused sewer pipes? Probably not, but what might seem like the worst idea ever has turned out to be a fantastic staycation alternative for tons of travelers! Each sewered room offers a double bed, electricity and blankets. And if you need it ‘time for yourself’, the toilets are only a few minutes away.

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Kumbuk River, Sri Lanka

Kumbuk River is one of the most unique places to stay on your next trip to Sri Lanka! This one-of-a-kind eco-resort is made famous for its elephant-shaped villa, but you’ll also find treehouses and converted trucks here. It is also the ideal accommodation if you are planning a visit to Yala National Park, an incredible wildlife sanctuary home to leopards, elephants, crocodiles and hundreds of species of birds.

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Museumotel Utopia, France

Located in the middle of the mountains of northeastern France, this fascinating bubble hotel village is the brainchild of Swiss architect Pascal Hausermann. Sadly, the Museumotel was closed in 2015 and sold in 2019, and its fate is still unclear, but we figured it was still worth quoting such a strange hotel in an article about the best stays. most unique in the world!

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