“Disenchanted” – everything you need to know

Fifteen years after the release of the fairy tale musical DelightedDisney is finally releasing a sequel.

The original movie charmed audiences with its irreverent humor, magical music from Disney legend Alan Menken, and a fun mix of live-action and animation. It seemed like more movies could benefit from the sudden introduction of animated birdlife.

The film’s cast included a lesser-known Amy Adams as a naïve princess-to-be, and James Marsden marking a big departure from his stern and cynical Cyclops in the X-Men franchise with the cartoon Prince Edward.

While we wait to see if the 15-year wait was worth it, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming sequel.

When was Disenchanted released?

Disenchanted is coming to Disney+ on November 18. You can brush up on your knowledge of the first movie by watching it now on the streaming platform, or check out our recap below.

Is there a trailer for Disenchanted?

In truth! Venture into the New York fairy tale by watching it below.

What happened in Enchanted?

It’s a tale as old as time – with a twist. Delighted begins like any number of classic Disney animations, with a narrator introducing us to an idyllic fairytale kingdom where future Princess Giselle (Adams) longs to meet her Prince Charming.

When she is rescued by eligible bachelor Prince Edward (Marsden), the couple plan to wed the next day, but their happily ever after is sabotaged by evil queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon). She banishes Giselle to New York where she is transformed into a live-action version of herself.

Initially dismissed by locals as just another eccentric New Yorker, Giselle eventually finds a friend in cynical divorce attorney Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and an unexpected romance blossoms.

But carnage soon follows, when Prince Edward and the sinister Queen follow Giselle to New York.

Amy Adams returns as Giselle
disneyAmy Adams returns as Giselle

Who is in the cast of Disenchanted and what will happen?

The long-awaited sequel sees a mix of returning faces and newcomers.

Adams returns as Princess Giselle, the optimist and inwardly romantic who faces the grim reality of present-day New York. She finds a new family in Patrick Dempsey’s Robert, with newcomer Gabriella Baldacchino portraying her now-teenage daughter Morgan.

Marsden returns as Prince Edward and Broadway legend Idina Menzel returns as Nancy Tremaine, who was previously in a relationship with Robert but changed partners with Giselle and moved to the fairytale kingdom of Andalasia.

Bridesmaids‘ Maya Rudolph stars as Malvina Monroe, the queen bee of the community Giselle’s family moves to. She becomes a sinister fairy tale version of herself when Giselle wishes her previous magical life to come true.

Who is the director of Disenchanted?

Disillusioned sees Adam Shankman take on directorial duties, with his previous credits including the Adam Sandler Family Film bedtime storiesand musical adaptations of hair spray and rock of ages.

The first film was directed by Disney veteran Kevin Lima, who also worked on A wacky movie, Tarzan, and 102 Dalmatians.

Courtesy of Disney Enterprises Inc.Enchanted was released in 2007

Where was Disenchanted filmed?

film for Disillusioned took place in Ireland with construction work on a medieval set beginning in May 2021. Venues included Enniskerry, Wicklow and Dublin, with sets attracting local film fans.

The film needed reshoots in 2022 following a lukewarm response at test screenings, so more filming took place in Buckinghamshire and back in the US in New York.

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