Disney Channel’s Favorite Oklahoma Original Movie

A new study by The magnifying glass on Shaneco.com revealed each state’s top pick for their all-time favorite disney channel original movie. Using Google Trends and other search criteria to identify each state’s top movie pick.


The Shaneco.com study used search terms, phrases and data collected from 2004 through July 2022 to determine most searched, most viewed and most popular disney channel original movies in all 50 states.

So what was Oklahoma’s first choice? It turns out that the years 2002 Cadet Kelly is the Sooner State’s all-time favorite disney channel original movie. Not badly chosen, it’s an excellent film. If you’ve never seen it before, check it out.

Click play on the video below to watch the official Cadet Kelly trailer from Disney Channel

Cadet Kelly was released in 2002 and features Hilary Duf and Christy CarlsonRomano. It was written by Gail Parent and Michael Walsh and led by Larry Shaw. The film is a teen comedy, romantic drama.

The story is about a teenage girl (Hilary Duff) whose mother marries a military general. He becomes the commander of a military school and enrolls children in the academy he oversees. Having no military background and coming from an art school, it’s a major culture shock for the kids, and the hilarity ensues.

So what was the most popular Disney Channel Original Movie overall? Zombies took first place in 11 states, followed by Descendants 3 and Starstruck. You can click here to view each state’s favorite on Shaneco.com.

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