Disneyland employee branded ‘evil’ after ruining proposal – and ripping off ring

A video of a man proposing to his girlfriend at Disneyland Paris has gone viral, thanks to an interruption from a theme park employee who ‘ruined’ the special moment

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Disney employee ‘steals’ couple’s engagement ring

It’s known as ‘the happiest place on earth’, but for one couple, the magic of Disney has been a little spoiled.

An anonymous man and woman recently took a trip to Disneyland Paris, where the gentleman had planned to pop the question to his girlfriend.

However, things didn’t quite go as planned, as a viral video of the big moment showed.

In a clip posted to Reddit, the man can be seen kneeling on an elevated stage in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

He is holding the ring, ready to propose, when he is interrupted by a running employee and snatches the box from his hands.

The post online is captioned: “POS destroyed my best friend’s moment. He asked permission first.”

The couple’s special moment was ruined shortly after

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After taking the ring from the man, the Disneyland employee ushers the couple off the platform and down to a metal door, saying, “Yes, it’s great but here it will be even better. “

A number of boos can be heard as onlookers watch the scene unfold, clearly bewildered by what is happening.

The Reddit user who shared the video, who goes by the username u/wasgehtlan, claimed in the comments that his friend asked a Disney employee for permission to propose on the platform and that she had given the green light.

But then the man ran and grabbed the ring.

The proposal images garnered over 9,600 comments on Reddit and were also shared on Twitter where they were seen by thousands more people.

Many were outraged for the couple, with one calling the employee “a little mean” for ruining the moment.

“I know this sounds small but I honestly believe you have to be a little naughty to do this lol. Like it’s just absurdly naughty,” one person proclaimed.

Another wrote: “The way he ran there proves it to me. He wanted to get there just in time to snatch the ring at the perfect moment so he sprinted there. He could have easily let it go and moved them soon after.”

A third posted, “Thank you guys for not getting mad. Nice show of character to your future wife.”

“He was already on his knees! At that point, let him finish, then kick him out if you want,” exclaimed another incredulous onlooker.

However, not everyone thought the Disney worker was wrong, with some calling him a “hero.”

Someone else said: “Public proposals make people cringe. This man is a hero for stopping it.”

Another user pointed out that the man was just doing his job, adding, “They’re in a guest-free area on a stage. So basically a restricted area. And the employee who gave permission probably didn’t have the right to do so.”

Disney has since apologized to the couple for the way the incident was “handled”.

A Disney spokesperson said Newsweek: “We regret the way this has been handled. We have apologized to the couple involved and have offered to remedy the situation.”

The Mirror has contacted Disneyland Paris for further comment.

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