Dublin Airbnb listing includes a TENT on a CONCRETE SLAB

With the cost of living soaring, an Airbnb user has gone viral after listing a tent on a concrete slab on Airbnb for almost €60 a night.

Times are tough right now and we are all feeling the rising cost of living. However, a user named Aimee shared a very interesting Airbnb listing on Twitter that absolutely shocked the masses.

Listed as a “private room” with “a ‘bed’, the post actually features a small pop-up tent in what appears to be someone’s back garden. Worse yet, rather than a soft grass garden , the tent is installed on a very hard concrete slab.

Dublin’s Airbnb listing includes a tent on a concrete slab – classified as private room

A Twitter user called Aimee shared the list in May. It was later shared by Ciaran at Crazy House Prices, who shares stories about the insane rise in rent prices around Dublin and beyond.

The post quickly went viral around the world, with magazines like The New York Post featuring the story on their site.

When Aimee shared the shocking list online, many thought it must have been a joke. So, she actually contacted the tenant herself, who then confirmed that the listing was quite serious. Following a flood of reactions to the post, Aimee later confirmed that the listing was promptly removed from Airbnb.

Tents on Airbnb – not just a unique piece

The Dublin Airbnb listing includes a tent on a concrete slab.
Credit: Airbnb.com

We checked out Airbnb to see if there were any other ridiculous listings. To our surprise, advertising a tent on the site is not just one-time. In one particular listing, the tent is a legitimate four-person tent, and anyone staying there is welcome to use the facilities inside the house.

Again, this is listed as a “private room” with “1 bed”. The title of the ad is “Large rear tent for 2, calm and serene”. The going rate for this Airbnb tent is almost €100 for two people.

Although this list looks a lot better than the previous one, you have to wonder how the world is if you can afford to charge €100 for a night in a tent in your back garden. Plus, who’s willing to spend it to avoid going up Hotel city ​​fees?

Prices for hotels and Airbnb in Dublin – has increased massively recently

Prices are skyrocketing in Dublin.

The price of a hotel or an Airbnb in ireland capital has increased considerably in recent years. Rather than spending an exorbitant sum for a night on the town, people choose to return to their home town or even sleep in the car after an event or before a flight, for example.

So is it any surprise that people list tents on Airbnb? Is it to capitalize on rising hotel prices or to provide an affordable stay? Staying in a tent between €60 and €100 in Dublin doesn’t really sound like a steal of a bargain, does it?

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