Shire In The Woods in McGrath, Minnesota is a Hobbit’s Dream

Shire in the Woods is a unique group of cabins near McGrath, Minnesota, inspired by the idyllic and bucolic Shire of JRR Tolkien’s books. It features trails, games, yoga, a gift shop, and best of all, the Shire Farm where you can hang out with several horses, including a miniature horse, a donkey named Donkey, and several dogs, cats, and chickens. Let’s take a look at The Loft.

If you need more space, there are options like The prairies, birchesand The cedar houseamong others. county in the woods is nestled in the Solana State Forest and teeming with wildlife. You might even think you are in Middle-earth. Be sure to visit the gift shop or take a yoga class while you’re there.

Although McGrath is beautiful, it’s just one of 10 small towns in Minnesota you must see.

Address: 14044 220th St, McGrath, MN 56350, USA

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