Why I’m Always Okay To Promote Rodeos

Friday, El Pasoan native and rodeo legend Tuff Hedeman will be the guest of the studio.

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We will promote the Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding Tour event that will take place Saturday, February 4 at the El Paso County Coliseum.

I have been friends with Tuff for many years. He is rightfully one of the most famous figures in rodeo history.

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He shows a lot of love to his hometown and I’m a huge Tuff fan.

The last time I went to one of his Bull Riding events, there were protesters outside the Colosseum. I had parked across the street, next to the zoo. As I was crossing Paisano Street towards the Colosseum, I noticed a dozen protesters.

Most of them were younger people, maybe college-aged or slightly older. Some of them held signs condemning bull riding as cruel and inhumane.

Some of them, very calmly and without addressing anyone in particular, would say:The rodeo is cruel; get your entertainment another way”. Or, words to that effect.

So I thought about it. Even during the event, I thought about it. Was I supporting a cruel animal sport?

After thinking and thinking about it for over a year, I have come to a conclusion.

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YouTube screenshot

I don’t know if all these young protesters were vegan. Some of them could have been.

But I certainly am not. How can I doom the bull riders when I just ate a mean ribeye earlier in the evening?

Seriously, how could I condemn HORSE RIDING a bull when i eat hamburgers and wear shoes made of their skin EACH DAYTIME?

I can not. I just don’t have high morals. And I am NOT think about going without meat anytime soon.

I mean, at least at the rodeo, THOSE the bulls will probably get away with their lives. The cow I’m going to eat in three months has ZERO chance to make it out of the feedlot alive.

The rodeo bull might even have the chance to injure the man riding it. A little revenge from the bottom of the food chain, huh? For a bovine, it should be about as good as it gets.

You won’t be eaten anytime soon.

And you MIGHT just break your oppressor’s collarbone. Or the face (you can ask Tuff about that).

YouTube screenshot

YouTube screenshot

So I guess… make plans to see Tuff Hedeman’s Championship Bull Riding this Saturday at the Colosseum. This is the only situation where a cow has a fighting chance!

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