During a stay with Airbnb, we were told that the rental was “illegal” | Airbnb

My family and I booked a week in a £2,000 Airbnb chalet for my mother’s 70th birthday. We found the property dirty and without advertised wifi. We tried to contact the host but received no response.

On the fourth day of our stay, a letter arrived from a company claiming that they, rather than our ‘host’, owned the chalet. The next day a woman came and asked for more money to continue our break. She told us we were there illegally as the original ‘host’ sublet us without permission and threatened to call the police if we didn’t leave.

Airbnb offered to refund the two unused nights and promised to escalate our claim for a full refund for the ruined week once we left. So far we are out of pocket.

NH, London

Illegal subletting on Airbnb is a growing problem, according to housing law specialist Landlord Action. “It doesn’t ask hosts if they’re the owner or if they have permission from the owner to rent, and they won’t change their process to include that,” says founder Paul Shamplina.

Airbnb told the Observer it takes “appropriate action” against those who rent illegally.

Your illegal “host” allegedly pocketed your money the moment Airbnb requested the refund, as funds are released 24 hours after a guest check-in. You should have taken pictures and contacted Airbnb directly. Its AirCover protection guarantees alternative accommodation, or a full refund, provided that guests report valid issues, with supporting evidence, to the host and Airbnb within 72 hours of discovering them.

Airbnb says, “We were disappointed to learn of this experience and have provided a full refund, along with an additional coupon as a gesture of goodwill.”

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