Economic European Cities ⋆ Extraordinary Chaos

Getting what you pay for is a big topic right now. With inflation for basic necessities at its highest level in decades, everyone is feeling the pressure on their budget.

Whatever you buy, you will probably strive to find the best deals possible.

This certainly applies to holidays. While some people will no doubt be seriously thinking about cutting back or at least reducing their travel plans over the next year, for others it will be more about finding a way to get away from it all on a tighter budget. .

According to a recent survey by UK travel industry body ABTA, 35% of people are
already weighing how to travel cheaper next year.

There are of course all sorts of ways to spend a holiday on a budget, from finding early bird deals well in advance to ditching things at the last minute and grabbing deals. late reservations.

Short city breaks are another great option for cheap travel, especially during the winter months when prices are usually much lower than summer. You can find cheap flights with budget airlines to destinations all over Europe, including major tourist cities like Paris, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam and Rome.

But once you get to these popular destinations, you may find that the savings you think you’ve made on flights evaporate very quickly. In Europe’s most popular cities, hotels, restaurants, bars, museums and other attractions are far from cheap at any time of the year.

If you really want to enjoy travel at great prices, you better look beyond the heavy hitters. Fortunately, Europe is full of beautiful, historic and culturally vibrant cities where you can still party at fabulously low prices.

Here are five of the best cheap European cities

Gdansk, Poland

While Krakow receives much of the plaudits as the crown jewel of Poland’s tourism industry, the historic port city of Gdansk is equally alluring in its own right. Formerly a member of the Hanseatic Mercantile League (along with cities like Hamburg, Bremen, Groningen and Stockholm), Gdansk still retains the atmospheric character of the old medieval port.

RyanAir fly direct to Gdansk from several UK airports for just £9.99 one way. Double rooms in the heart of the central old town are readily available from £30 a night, and the the average price of a beer is less than £2.

Just be warned – like everywhere else on the Baltic coast, Gdansk gets very cold during the winter months. As well as hitting the many atmospheric bars and restaurants, you could do worse by investing in an £11 pass that grants you access to all of the city’s museums, galleries and various other indoor attractions.


Riga, Latvia

Another Baltic city you’ll need to warm up to (and another former member of the Hanseatic League) is the Latvian capital Riga. As well as a compact and pretty old town, Riga is also famous for its fabulous Art Nouveau architecture, which is ranked among the best in Europe.

Again, you can fly direct to Riga from several UK airports with RyanAir and Air Baltic, with return fares readily available for under £50. An average one-bedroom Airbnb costs around £50 a night. Once you’re there, the huge range of dining options covers everything from indulgent splurges to bargains, especially if you venture a short distance from the city center.

Sofia, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast has earned a reputation as a great budget destination for summer sun. But when it comes to city breaks, the capital Sofia is ideal if you are also looking for good value for money.

Sofia is underestimated for her beauty. In winter, the snow-capped mountain of Vitosha makes a stunning backdrop (guided snowshoe hikes are a great option for a day). And if religious architecture is your thing, Sofia is a dream destination, with a stunning and eclectic mix of Bulgarian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Early Christian churches dating back to the Roman period.

As it’s a bit further afield (about a three hour flight), it costs a bit more to get to Sofia, although daily direct flights from London can be found for just over £100 return. Once you are there, a three star hotel will cost you less than £40 a night, and the food and drink are great value.

Palermo, Sicily

Finally, if you’re looking for a cheap winter city break for which you won’t have to pack the thermals, Palermo on the Italian the island of Sicily is a great option. With consistently comfortable average daytime temperatures of 15 o C even in January and February, you’ll have no qualms wandering around historic sites – which is a big bonus, as Palermo has more than its fair share of UNESCO Heritage Sites, reflecting the city’s long and varied history.

You can fly RyanAir and EasyJet direct to Palermo from London, with cheapest prices starting from around £25. There are plenty of bed and breakfasts available for less than £50 a night all over town, including right in the center near the harbour. The average price per person in a neighborhood restaurant is around £10and a pint of beer can be found for as little as £2.

Wherever you choose for a city break, don’t be tempted to skip holiday insurance to save a few pounds. Getting hurt in an accident, getting sick or losing your luggage will end up doing far more damage to your finances than the cost of a travel insurance policy.

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