Emily in Paris season 3 review: What happened to Lucas Bravo’s Gabriel?

Spoiler for Emily in Paris season three coming soon!

When he meets Emily Cooper in the very first episode of Emily in Paris, Gabriel’s behavior is completely, unquestionably arousing.

Delighted“Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) says to Emily (Lily Collins), with a playful smile, after mistaking his apartment on the fourth floor for his on the fifth. When she inevitably repeats her blunder the next day after a long sweaty run, he greets her in the doorway: “You’re very wet,” he observes, glancing at her.

When a troubled Mrs. Cooper promises not to “knock” on her door again, Gabriel adds, “No problem. You can strike at any time.

And my crush on the fictional Frenchman was born.

Lily Collins and Lucas Bravo in the first season of Emily in Paris.


With his chestnut hair, sleepy blue eyes, and divine jawline, Gabriel ticks all the My Type boxes. It is a cross between Notting Hill-era Hugh Grant and the unsung romantic comedy hero Michael Vartan (the professor of never been kissed, for the uninitiated), but larger and French. Gabriel is a (hot) chef who is unavailable (also hot) and tries unsuccessfully to leave his (hottest!) crush.

So how is it possible that a man who looks like this, with an accent like this, and can make an omelet that tastes like this was a full stop in season three? I didn’t believe it was possible to be so uninspired by a man I find so attractive, and yet…

In the last installment from Darren Star’s hit Netflix show, which debuted on December 21, Gabriel is stiff, boring and lacking in all the seductive French charm that all the other male characters (even the Brit Alfie) seem to possess as a matter of course in this show. In early episodes, I suspected this erasing of Gabriel was intentional – didn’t Carrie date Aiden for a season or two, even though we knew she was destined to live with Big? Maybe Star was intentionally pushing us away from the chef, letting us think he was off the menu, only to reverse course later. Maybe, like the McRib, Gabriel would actually be available again someday.

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