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Before we get to the nearly $100 million property, aka the most expensive San Diego estate listed for sale on Zillow, let’s talk about the second most expensive: the Fox Hill estate.

Listed at $49 million, it’s a 10-bedroom, 14-bathroom, 2,300-square-foot home in La Jolla overlooking the water with one of the most beautiful and epic views you’ll ever find. find throughout the county. Even after discovering what’s so special about it, the most expensive one will blow your mind!

The Fox Hill Estate – 2nd Very expensive

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Built in 1980 and covering a total area of ​​32 acres, this highly personalized property is a bit dated on the interior decor. Despite its high-end furnishings, that’s not what 2023 buyers are looking for. It’s been on the market for a total of 309 days, which is typical for such ultra-luxury properties. With fun wallpaper and a billiard room, it’s safe to say that this property was specifically designed to be lived in and not for resale.

While some rooms have a Mediterranean vibe, others have wooden, vaulted ceilings with space for plenty of sunlight. However, the real unique selling point is on the outside; it’s the landscaping, the view, and the fact that it’s actually three main lots with room to build on those other lots – each with separate entrances.

picture byRanch and Coast

picture byRanch and Coast

picture byRanch and Coast

With any ultra-luxury property, one can expect incredible amenities and this home won’t disappoint: it features a racquetball court, tennis court, pool, spa, a gym and a tailor-made golf course! Maybe without 18 holes (because 18 holes in this section of La Jolla Private Residence would be insane), but a three-hole golf course is still fantastic!

Willow Creek Estancia – 1st Very expensive

Located in the exclusive Rancho Santa Fe, it is promoted as a luxury equestrian estate with the main property listed for 15,000 square feet. It has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms and is located on a huge 77 acre lot. Like the location, the architecture is beautiful – the kind of Mediterranean finish that’s immediately sympathetic.

One glance shows how lush and verdant the garden is, designed 100% around an equestrian lifestyle. Adjoining the main property is a 6-unit apartment block, two detached guest houses, a 27-stall main barn, an 8-stall family barn, three sand rides, a Green Pasture field, two walkers trails, a 6-horse walker, and a Grand Prix course in private equestrian trails.

Other amenities of this property include a 15-acre bass-filled lake, tennis court, 25-foot swimming pool, and recreation pavilion with a two-lane luxury bowling alley! Digging into the interior architecture, we see white walls and high-end woodwork with exposed beams throughout. Stunning! It’s not just a house; it is a huge custom luxury estate in the most affluent area in all of San Diego County.


While you wonder how much this estate would cost for an Airbnb, there’s no telling how much it will eventually sell for. Home prices have come down a bit and we have yet to see how that will translate to the ultra-luxury market as it is for everyday homes in San Diego.

Either way, if you’re looking to buy or sell a multi-million mansion in San Diego or one of the surrounding communities, our team would be happy to help!

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