Event Review: MCM Birmingham Comic Con: November 11 – 13, 2022

With the show having taken place two or three times a year since the mid-1990s, the latest edition of MCM Birmingham Comic Con (formerly Memorabilia) most likely put the number of events in the triple digits, if not extremely close. Given this enviable lineage, the show is not to be missed, and on Sunday, November 13, myself and Desert Planet Discs co-host Carl Bayliss headed to the National Exhibition Center to see what star wars treats were on display enjoying the mood of the day.

A walk around the room revealed a plethora of dealers, activities and events on the show stages, from a variety of different franchises, the focus (as is often the case these days) being about the world of anime.

We also had the chance to say hello to our friends at Droidbuilders UK, where we caught up with Oliver Steeples to discuss the latest galaxy situation and plans for Celebration Europe, and a quick hello with a very busy Gary Hailes from the British garrison. With Celebration just a few months away, everyone is making plans and coming up with ideas (as is Fantha Tracks) to make the show as special as possible.

Outside of the recognized costume groups and around the showroom there were some great costumes, including these two excellent members of The bad batchHunter and Tech.

Taking pictures across the showfloor revealed a lot of star wars goodies on the stalls around the show, both current and modern and from an older vintage, 90s. As always our friends at In Demand Toys had one of the most impressive stalls and it was good to see the guys at the show as well as the more distant friends of Jen and Andrew Karnecki helping out at the booth.

Speaking of the 90s, check out this awesome booth of Micro Machines sets that covered the original trilogy and the gorgeous wave of The Phantom Menace versions (a few of which may or may not have found their way back to Lightsabre Towers).

Every show evokes something a little special, whether it’s a moment, a costume or in this case some incredible art by Chris Duncan of Off The Street Art, who takes pop cans and works his magic to create a mix one of a kind. media artwork of pop culture characters (literally) from the world of superheroes and the galaxy far, far away. They are gorgeous, so check out his work at www.littlefingeruk.com.

Always fun, MCM Birmingham Comic Con may sit behind its London counterpart in profile, but remember this – MCM Birmingham was announced at New York Comic Con, and as part of the Reedpop family, it can only stand up. expand and improve. Birmingham shows have been a staple of the UK convention calendar for many years, so be sure to hit the highways and hop on, hop off or drive through Birmingham and we’ll see you there.

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