Executive producer Brian Bird talks about filming in Colorado

In December, film crews were seen filming a new made-for-TV movie at a quaint cafe called Coff33 in Castle Rock, Colorado. The next film, titled Just Jack, is a romantic comedy set to air next year on UPtv Faith & Family Network and Super Chanel Heart & Home. Some of the café baristas were even able to act as extras.

BTS and stacked camera footage from the set of Just Jake, a Rom-Com set in Colorado and filmed for UPTV/Photo: James Stokoe

BTS and Stacked camera footage from the set of Just Jake, a Rom-Com set in Colorado and filmed for UPTV | Photo: James Stokoe

According to IMDB, “Just Jake” is an uplifting story that involves an up-and-coming country star returning to his hometown to overcome his severe writer’s block. There he reunites with his girlfriend from high school and together they rediscover love and start making music together. The upcoming film stars Brittany Bristow and Rob Mayes in the lead roles. Just Jake is based on a screenplay written by Jaimie Engle.

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James Stokoe Photo / @jamesstoko

James Stokoe Photo / @jamesstoko

Several months prior, in October 2022, Moore Lumber & Hardware, also located in Castle Rock, turned into a film set for another TV movie titled The Happy Camper.

Photo credit: Mark Blickenstaff

Photo credit: Mark Blickenstaff

As Just Jake, this film will also be available on the UPtv network. And fans don’t have to wait much longer to watch because the premiere date of The happy camper just announced on February 5, 2023.

In addition to sharing a platform on cable TV, these two uplifting, family-friendly films were produced by Hollywood veteran, Brian Bird. Thanks to Bird, the small-screen films were also shot entirely in Colorado.

Brian Bird behind the scenes / Photo: @jamesstoko

Brian Bird behind the scenes/ Photo: @jamesstoko

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In addition to Coff33 and Moore Lumber & Hardware, scenes were also filmed inside the performance hall of Valor Christian Highschool, a beloved local bar called Saints and Sinners, Novo Barbers, Plum Creek Church, Festival Park and along some of Castle’s downtown sidewalks. Rock. The area provided the perfect “small town vibe” director Brandon Clark was looking for.

James Stokoe Photo / @jamesstoko

James Stokoe Photo / @jamesstoko

Several lucky locals who happened to pass by during filming were able to play the role of extras and will even have their names credited in the final product. A few other Castle Rock residents have been offered an exciting opportunity to play bigger roles in the film.

James Stokoe Photo / @jamesstoko

James Stokoe Photo / @jamesstoko

film for Just Jake ended December 17. Now it’s in the hands of the editors at Denver’s Milkhaus, who are responsible for post-production. After the editors work their magic on things like sound and color, the finished film will be sent to UPtv in February. Fans can expect to see it debut in late spring 2023.

Bird really likes being able to work in his own city and even in his own neighborhood for that matter. The producer currently resides in Castle Rock and some scenes were actually shot at the homes of various neighbors. But more than that, the talented producer likes to work magic through his films. For Bird, the most rewarding part of his job is seeing how people react to a finished film – laughing at the right times, or even crying. He explained that seeing how his work touches people on a soul level is the most satisfying thing ever. Bird also thinks positive, wholesome stories like this are what the world yearns for the most right now.

James Stokoe Photo / @jamesstoko

James Stokoe Photo / @jamesstoko

As for more filming in the Centennial State, Bird hopes to continue doing his part to make it happen. The process to do this begins with applying to the film’s commission, as well as providing a script, estimated budget, and all known plans. After another meeting with the Office of Economic Development, votes are taken on whether or not the movie or TV show should be shot in Colorado.

Bird noted that the Colorado Film Commission and the Department of Media were really supportive of most of the projects presented. When something is filmed in Colorado, it creates more jobs for people in the state and also has a positive impact on the local economy. The money is also spent on local hotels/Airbnbs, restaurants, and other businesses.

Additionally, the Colorado Film Commission has a very generous incentive program through which it provides a rebate to production crews working in the state. According to Bird, this is extremely helpful in offsetting film costs during production.

Bird previously filmed another similarly styled film for UPtv in Colorado called The Engagement Plot. It is currently available to watch.

UPtv is available through most major cable companies, including Xfinity. Check your local listings to find these Colorado-based movies.

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I had no idea how many great movies I watched growing up that were shot here in Colorado. Even though I didn’t grow up here, I love calling Colorado home, and knowing that so many great movies have been filmed here makes me love this state even more.

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